Sunday, 25th May 2008

MSMAS appoints new Judo Coach to join our existing Team ...

After a long association, Dr Llyr Jones will now join MSMAS as a full Dojo Member, when he moves home later this month into our area...


After an initial meet some years ago, plus various visits to our Dojo, Llyr will now be relocating to this area in late June and will at that time be accepted as a full Member of our Dojo.

As such he has also been invited to join the existing Judo Teaching/Coaching Team at MSMAS.

He will then be able to primarily assist Roger in covering ‘Technical’ matters, whilst working alongside our many established Judo Instructors and Coaches. Llyr will also work with 'AJ' (Adrian Jackson), our existing 'Development' & 'Welfare Officer', assisting him with the various aspects of Coach administration and ‘Club Mark’ matters, as they arise.
Llyr has had an extensive and diverse career in Judo to date.

He holds Judo Dan Grades awarded by the BJA, the DNBK and the Kodokan as well as a current BJA Level 3 Coach Award.  He is also a former Welsh International (competitive) representative and has spent time living and studying Judo abroad including time spent in Japan where he trained at the Kodokan, the Kanagawa Prefectural Budokan in Yokohama and also at the Doyukai and Ishii Dojos in Fujisawa. He has also lived and trained in Paris, France at the ‘Institut Pariset’. Most recently he has been devoting his attention to the study of Judo Kata.  He is a certified BJA Kata Examiner and the author of the celebrated paper "Competition, Kata and the Art of Judo".

Llyr is a keen proponent of classical, technical Judo.

He is also a member of the Kano Society and has played a role in the development of  "International Traditional Kodokan Judo".

I am sure that we all wish him "welcome to MSMAS" and look forward to ‘time on the mat’ with him soon..

Judo Coaching Team:

Performance : Catherine Payne, BSc. (Hons) & MSc (Sports Science.)

Nutrition : James Bibby, BSc. (Hons) Bio Chem, BSc. (Hons) Osteopathy, Dip. Paedeatric Osteopathy.

Adult (Competitive) : Cris Leahy

Junior (Competitive) : Caimin Woodhead

Junior (Novice) : Sue Buckley (GB Masters Squad Member) & Steve May

Technical : Dr Llyr Jones, B.Eng., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.

6 number BJA Coaches :

Level 2 Coaches ~ Roger Payne, Bethan Rees, Tom Wood

Level 3 Coaches ~ Emyr Sion, Mark Griffiths & Llyr Jones.

MSMAS Instructors : James Bibby BSc. (Hons) Bio Chem, BSc. (Hons) Osteopathy, Dip. Paedeatric Osteopathy, Jonathon Griffiths BSc (Hons) Sports Science & BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science, Nik Dawson, Martin Kennett M.I.R.M., Chris Sharp, Richard Loureiro, Ian Simmonds BSc MRICS MCIOB MCIArb., Lee Fahey, Linden Kirk, Adam Barker M.A. (Law), F.C.I.P.D. & F.R.S.A., Alex Tame, Mike Evans & Victoria Morgan.


Dr Llyr Campbell Jones ~ MSMAS YuDansha & Kata Coach

Active in Judo for 25 years as Student, International Competitor, Teacher & Writer.

Dr Llyr Jones has been involved in Judo for some twenty-five years.

By profession he is Director of Strategy for a major international defence contractor and holds an undergraduate Degree (B.Eng.) in Aeronautics, Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Engineering Dynamics, M.B.A in Business Administration and a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in Aeronautics.

During his competitive Judo career, Dr Jones was an International Player and won numerous medals from domestic championships.  In addition to his Judo studies and teachings in the United Kingdom (UK), Dr Jones has lived, worked and studied Judo for extended periods abroad – mainly in Japan (Kodokan, Tokya; Kanagawa Prefectural Budokan, Yokohama; Doyukai Fusisawa) and France (Institut Judo/Jujutsu Pariset).  He has also practised extensively in the USA, Australia and Switzerland.  Since retiring through injury from competitive Judo, Dr Jones has focused his Judo studies on Coach / Teacher education and Kata. He believes that the link between Judo’s past and future is firmly embodied in the accurate teaching of Kata.  Kata is an element of Judo that is now neglected in most Dojos and Dr Jones’ views do not sit comfortably with many of the National Governing Bodies for Judo who place a massive emphasis on only the competitive aspect of the Art.

Dr Jones holds a teaching/coaching, refereeing, examining, Kata and self-defence Certificates from the British Judo Association (the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Judo in the United Kingdom).  His Martial Arts memberships include the Kodokan, Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (The Greater Japan Martial Virtue Association), and the Kokusai Budoin (International Martial Arts Federation).

 In 2005, Dr Jones was certified in the rank of Rokkudan (6 Dan) by the DNBK.  He is also a member of The Kano Society – a UK society dedicated to the preservation of traditional, well-rounded Judo as envisioned by Jigoro Kano.

Dr Jones has coached over 20 players to reach Dan-grade level – up to 5th Dan and until relocating to Scotland made a substantial contribution to technical Judo education in Wales.  He now conducts master classes in the Kata of Kodokan Judo.

Dr Jones has practised Judo worldwide and has taken instruction from many leading teachers.  He lists the Masters that have had the greatest influence on him as Sensei John R Perrins, deceased (7 Dan), Sensei Daniel Pariset (8 Dan), Ishii Sensei (7 Dan), Ogawa Sensei (7 Dan).

Judo Involvement

• Lived and trained in Japan for 2 years:
o Kodokan in Tokyo
o Kanagawa Prefectural Budokan, Yokohama
o Doyukai and Ishii Dojos, Fujisawa
• Lived and trained in Paris, France – Institut Judo Pariset
• Now engaged in in-depth kata study – Tory Glen private kata club.
• Taught judo at:
o Teifi Valley Judo Club and Carmarthen Judo Club - Wales
o Southampton University Judo Club
o Bath Judo Club – Life Vice President (now visiting Senior Coach)
• Visiting instructor to Traditional Judo UK (Portsmouth)
• Technical Advisor – International Traditional Kodokan Judo
• Coached over 20 players to reach Dan-grade level – now up to 5th Dan
• Taught on a number of judo teacher/coach education/training courses
• Regularly conducts Kata master classes.

Judo Memberships

• Member All Japan Judo Federation and Kodokan Judo
• Member Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK)
• Member British Judo Association (BJA) via Welsh Judo Association (WJA)
• Member UK Black Belt Association (Yudanshakai)

Personal Grade History
• 1 Dan - BJA
• 2 Dan - BJA
• 3 Dan - Dai Nippon Butokukai
• 4 Dan - Judo/Jujutsu IFNB France
• 5 Dan - USMA
• 6 Dan - Dai Nippon Butokukai

Judo Competitive History

International Representation

• Member of Welsh National Judo Team
• Member of Welsh Commonwealth Judo Squad
• Participated in British Open, Welsh Open, Scottish Open, Swiss Open, US International Invitation Open, Kodokan Kohaku-shiai, Kodokan Overseas Players Tournament
• Participated in US Olympic Invitation Training Camp, Colorado Springs.

Domestic Representation

• Captain of Judo - Southampton University
• Captain of Judo - Bath University
• Member of Avon and Dyfed County Judo Teams
• Member of English Areas University Judo Team
• Participated in over 40 Area and National Judo Open and Closed Championships

• Numerous medals from domestic championships

Coaching and Teaching Qualifications
• BJA Club Coach Award
• BJA Senior Club Coach Award
• Welsh Judo Association - County Coach
• Welsh Judo Association - Coaching Award Examiner
• BJA Self Defence Instructor

Kata Competency
• Expert knowledge of Nage-no-Kata, Kime-no-Kata and Kodokan Goshin-Jitsu
o National Kata Championships Medallist
o National Level Certificate - Nage-no-Kata
o National Level Certificate - Katame-no-Kata
• Knowledge of Kime-no-Kata and Koshiki-no-Kata
• Evolving knowledge of Ju-no-kata and Itsutsu-no-Kata

Examining Qualifications
• BJA Examiner for rank promotion
• BJA Kata Examiner

• BJA Referee – retired.
• Refereed at a number of national and domestic championships – no longer active.

Contribution to the Development of Judo
• Coached over 20 players to reach Dan-grade level – now up to 5th Dan
• Conducted numerous coach education and kata classes in Wales and England over the last 10 years
• Writer and judo researcher

Key Teachers/Influencers
• Sensei John R Perrins, deceased (7 Dan)
• Sensei Daniel Pariset (8 Dan)
• Ishii Sensei (7 Dan)
• Ogawa Sensei (7 Dan)

Personal Details
• Education: BEng, MSc, MBA, PhD
• Occupation: Director of Strategy in the Defence Industry



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