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MSMAS Dojo ~ Honorary Members


• MSMAS Honorary Members

* Dr. Ron KLUGER, 8th Dan Goju Ryu Karate Do, 8th Dan JuJitsu & 4th Dan Judo, Hanshi-ho, DNBKID
Ph.D., & M.A.

Rector, International Budo Academy,
Kancho, Karate Do International Renmei,
General Secretary of IBSSA & President of IBSSA International Sport Federation

* Ken B Tallack ~ 8th Dan Karate Do, Hanshi-ho, DNBKID.
B.A., Pacific Western University.

Canadian Representative, International Division, Dai Nippon Butokukai, Canadian Karate Kung-fu Association 8th level Master Instructor, Okinawa Kobudo Master Instructor, Director, Non Profit Martial Arts; Head Instructor Tallack Dojo; Founder , Meibukan of Canada: Founder Goju-Ryu Meitoku-ha. Ken Tallack started Judo at the YMCA in London, Ont, Canada back in 1962, since that time active in Budo daily. 1st Degree Black Belt Canadian Karate Kung-fu Association 1972, 1st Degree Black Belt Goju-Kai of Canada 1972. One of the first generation of Canadians to grow up practicing Budo and then going onto spend his entire career as a Professional Instructor, having taught tens of thousands of people over his lifetime. Tallack has been instrumental in bringing various "lost" historical works to light, such as " Karate-do Kumite" by Motobu Choki, and "Rentan Goshin To-Te Jutsu" by Funakoshi Gichin, amongst others. Tallack travelled to Japan in 1985 where he was accepted as the first foreign student of Yagi Meitoku(Goju-Ryu) in decades, subsequently introduced Goju-Ryu Meibukan to Canada where it quickly spread across the vast country. In 1998 Tallack differentiated HIS teachings from others through intorducing the name `Goju-Ryu Meitoku-ha``, honouring his Teacher by attaching his name to the style. Association with Butokukai of Canada began in 1972, then picked up again in 1978. Tallack joined Dai Nippon Butokukai Hombu (Member # 1109) in 1991 with Godan, Renshi recognition. At the direction of International Chairman H. Hamada, Hanshi, Tallack became Dai Nippon Butokukai Canadian Representative in 1996. Since that time Tallack has used this position to help establish and spread "Non Profit Martial Arts'. November 28, 2009 over $8,000.00 was raised for the Salvation Army, bringing the total raised and donated to various charities and causes over the years to nearly $250,000.00. Tallack continues to practice daily at his home Dojo in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

* Alexander Dmitriyevich Arabadjiev ~ 7th Dan Jujitsu, 3rd Dan Iaido, Kyoshi & Shihan, DNBKID.

Official Representative for Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division in Russia & DNBKID Kenshoin: Jujutsu Official Representative. Also President of Kyojitsu Jissen Budo Renmei
Born into a military family and served in the special operations unit, participating in many military conflicts to receive military awards, before being wounded in battle. Served in Russian Special Forces ~ Spetsnaz (1982/1999), decorated Red Star for personal courage. Then became Professional Teacher of Bushidō, by combining different schools of Kobudo to create own style of "Këdzicu Dzissèn Budo".

* Carl Long ~ 7th Dan Shorin Ryu Karate, 6th Dan Shito Ryu Karate, 6th Dan Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu, 5th Dan Okinawa Kobudo, 4th Dan Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu, Renshi & DNBK ID

Iaido Official Coordinator DNBKID under Kenshoin M. Shimabukuro, Hanshi, DNBK ID Iaido Official Representative & Eastern USA Hombu-Cho/Director for the Jikishin-Kai International. Began Karate in 1968, also studied Judo, Okinawan Kobudo and other traditional Japanese Martial Arts, achieving Dan Ranking in Shorin Ryu Karate, Shito Ryu Karate, Okinawa Kobudo, Aikido, Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu. The most senior student of Shimabukuro Masayuki Hanshi and the highest ranked member of the Jikishin Kai International under Shimabukuro Sensei.

* Dr Hiroaki Izumi ~ 6th Dan Aikikai.
B.Sc.Adv., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Managing Director of MNX International Consulting Services Ltd. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Gulf University for Science & Technology, Kuwait. Izumi Sensei is Shihan of West Indies Aikido Federation, which includes Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia and the other Islands that make up that whole area. In the past he has been Shidoin for Kawahara Yukio Shihan of the Canadian Aikido Federation since 1995, also Fuku Shidoin for Cottier Shihan of the Hong Kong Aikido Federation (1990 - 1995) & Fuku Shidoin for Tohei Akira Shihan of the Midwest Aikido Federation (1987 - 1990). The Creator of the 'Aikido Control Tactics System' for Policing, Security, & Military, Use of Force Policy Development and Review Analyst & CQB instructor and firearm retention he is also well known as the creator of the 'Physical Principles of Aikido' DVD series. Also past Defensive Tactics Instructor for Royal St. Lucia Police, Saskatchewan Highway Traffic Enforcement, Canadian Department of National Defence 15 Wing, Royal Hong Kong Police & Texas Corrections and Law Enforcement Officers School. Izumi Sensei also holds SanDan in the Canadian Kendo Federation.

* Mike Williams ~ 6th Dan Aikido Kyoshi Shihan DNBKID & 7th Dan Shin Gi-Tai Aikido Society
C.M.I.O.S.H., F.R.S.P.H. & M.I.I.R.S.M.

Technical Director/President, Treorchy Shin-Gi-Tai Aiki Ryu, Grading Officer and Shihan, Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society, Senior B.A.B. (British Aikido Board) Coach. Mike Williams began Aikido nearly 40 years ago with ‘Aikikai of Wales’ under Ken Williams Sensei. He attained his 1st Dan (ShoDan ) in 1976. In the late 1970’s began ‘Ki’ style Aikido (Shinshin Toitsu Aikido) under Koichi Tohei Sensei with the ‘Ki Federation of Great Britain’. Later in the early 1980’s and in order to broaden his Aikido joined the ‘Institute of Aikido’ under Sensei H. Foster who taught Iwama based Aikido. In 1988 Mike opened his own Dojo and joined the ‘Aikido Society of Wales’ (today the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society) to practise a style of Aikido although traditional, also incorporated the principles and teaching methodology of Ki Aikido, which is where he trains today. Mike Williams also regularly practices Iaido, Aikijujutsu and some older based Jujitsu Ryu Ha.

* Graham Turner ~ 6th Dan BJA.

Refereed no fewer than 60 times at International level, World and European, plus all the National Championships and National Referees Courses and Area events, selected for 2 Junior World and 2 Senior World Championships, the 1996 Olympic Games, acted as 'Referee in Charge' for the 1999 World Championships and 2002 Commonwealth Championships plus 'Team Manager' for the 2000 Games in Sydney. Graham is still active in the Southern Area as a Senior Technical Dan Grade Examiner.

Luis E. Santos Jr. ~ 6th Dan Shihan, Renshi DNBKID

Official Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (International Division) State Coordinator for Aikido Florida USA.
Law Enforcement & Correction Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor trained officers in the following Law Enforcement Agencies: Orlando Police Dept., Orange County Sheriff Dept., & Federal Bureau of Investigation. A member of the Force Cell Response team 5 man tactical team Osceola Sheriff office. Tactics Handgun Retention, Electronic Restraint Device Pompano Beach Police Department.  Certified defense tactical Carbine  M-1 /AR-15 223 Cal. Class D Security and G Gun carrying License issued by the State of Florida S2 Institute. Santos Shihan founder of the Tenshin Aikido Dojo branch now known as Shoubukan Dojo, branch dojo in Indonesia and Boston USA. Santos Shihan holds ranks in other Japanese Budo Arts 5th Dan Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido (DNBKID), 5th Dan Ryu Sei Ken Batto Do and is Director of the US Ryu Sei Ken Federation under Mitsuhiro Saruta Soke of the International Batto Do Association, Osaka, Japan. 1998-2000 Santos Shihan was Fuku Shidoin to Shihan Fumio Toyoda Shihan under the Aikido Association of America.

* Dr John Brennan ~ 5th Dan Karate.
D.F.C., Ph.D., M.A., B.A. & B.Sc.

Honorardozent at the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität (Faculty of Economics and Management) & the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (Faculty of Law and Economics) in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Dr Brennan flew 100 combat missions in Vietnam and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, plus 11 other Air Medals from the conflict. Began Karate 20 years ago and the present Dojo they founded in Magdeburg as an "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" attached to the Ökumenischen Domgymnasium, has produced 14 YuDansha.

* Jutta Brennan ~ 5th Dan Karate

Jutta Brennan began Karate 20 years ago and the present Dojo she founded in Magdeburg as an "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" is attached to the Ökumenischen Domgymnasium and has produced 14 YuDansha. Jutta also teaches Japanese and related cultural aspects to young people.

* Simon Mitchell ~ 4th Dan Judo BJA & Level 3 Coach.
HNC (Electronic Engineering), Tech. Eng. (Council of Engineering), MIQA (Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance).

A Sussex County, Southern Area, National, European and World Masters Competitor.

* Peter Powell ~ 3rd Dan BJA & Level 3 Coach.
BJA Grading Registrar, BJA Promotions Commission ~ Southern Area Representative, BJA Examiner/Senior Examiner, BJA Southern Area ~ Director of Examiners, BJA Southern Area ~ Hampshire County Representative, BJA Hampshire County ~ Vice Chairman & BJA Hampshire County ~ Examiner Co-ordinator.

* Alexander Chinakov ~ 3rd Dan Aikido & 3rd Dan Jujitsu.
Russian Higher Education and decorated Military (Spetsnaz).
Chairman of the Board for Children and Youth Sport Social organization "Federation of Aikido Togliatti", Chairman of the Regional Sport Social organization "Samara Oblast Aikido Federation”.

First involved in freestyle wrestling & water polo before training troops of the GRU in the Soviet Army, then saw active duty in Afghanistan. Thereafter started training in Aikido to become Chairman of the Federation of Aikido Togliatti and Chairman of the Board RSOO Samara Oblast Aikido Federation.

* Onno van Santen ~ Past Dojo Leader at MSMAS London

YuDansha, Katori Shinto Ryu Kobudo., Kokoro Dojo, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Branch Manager, Grand River Natural Stone. Onno began his practice of the Martial Arts at the age of 8 with Judo for 3 years, before moving to Wado Kai Karate for 10 years under a Sempai to Muramatsu Sensei. Then followed a short 2 year interest in Ninjutsu under Hans Hesselman before seeing a clip of O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. He then knew that he wanted to study Aikido and began practicing with Erik Louw Sensei at Aikidojo in Amsterdam. One night after class in 1988 Onno saw a Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu class under Louw Sensei and joined to practice both Aikido and Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu for some years, until his schedule forced him to choose Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu. After which he taught for MSMAS at his ‘London Dojo’ here in the UK. Onno then moved to Canada, opening own Dojo in the Karate Dojo of Shihan Kevin Sealy in 2005, teaching class in Guelph twice a week. Onno also studies Ving Tsun under Chuck O’Neil & Wing Chun, Nelson Chan line.


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