Sunday, 23rd January 2011

MSMAS Judoka RESULT at '2011 Senior British Trials' ....

After Medal success in Sheffield at the 2011 ‘U20 British Trials’ against Great Britain’s Elite 'U20' Female Players, Shelley competed yet again, this time at the ‘Senior Women’s British Trials’ against the very best Senior Women Judoka in the UK today...


Shelley's result ?

3rd place !!

A truly great result for Shelley, after competing against Karina Bryant & Sarah Adlington who, as you can see below, BOTH have a little bit more experience at this level !!

• Karina Bryants' record to date:

Date             Result         Event     Type     W    Class
13-Dec-2010 5 IJF Grand Slam Tokyo Jigoro Kano CupGSL O78
07-Nov-2010 1 Finnish Open VantaaIT O78
31-Oct-2010 1 European Cup BorĺsECup O78
04-Jul-2010 5 IJF Grand Slam Moscow$GSL O78
24-Apr-2010 3 European Championships ViennaECh O78
07-Feb-2010 5 IJF Grand Slam Tournoi de ParisGSL O78
11-Dec-2009 5 IJF Grand Slam Tokyo Jigoro Kano CupGSL O78
30-Aug-2009 2 World Championships RotterdamWC O78
25-Jul-2009 3 German Open Sindelfingen EJUECup O78
14-Jun-2009 1 Tre Torri Tournament CorridoniaIT O78
03-May-2009 1 British Open London - EJUECup O78
05-Jul-2008 1 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
10-Feb-2008 5 Super World Cup Tournoi de ParisSWC O78
13-Sep-2007 5 World Championships Rio de JaneiroWC O78
11-Aug-2007 7 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
28-May-2006 7 European Championships TampereECh O78
02-Apr-2006 2 World Cup BirminghamWCup O78
19-Mar-2006 3 World Cup TallinnWCup O78
05-Mar-2006 3 World Cup WarsawWCup O78
15-Oct-2005 3 1. Bundesliga Frauen PotsdamNTC O78
11-Sep-2005 2 World Championships CairoWC open
08-Sep-2005 2 World Championships CairoWC O78
06-Aug-2005 3 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
22-May-2005 1 European Championships RotterdamECh O78
03-Apr-2005 3 World Cup MadridWCup O78
20-Mar-2005 3 World Cup Dutch Open RotterdamWCup O78
06-Feb-2005 3 Super World Cup Tournoi de ParisSWC O78
24-Oct-2004 2 European Team Championships ParisETC O78
10-Jul-2004 1 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
06-Jun-2004 2 Tre Torri Tournament CorridoniaIT O78
16-May-2004 2 European Championships BucharestECh O78
11-Sep-2003 2 World Championships OsakaWC open
11-Sep-2003 3 World Championships OsakaWC O78
09-Aug-2003 2 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
05-Jul-2003 3 International Tournament BarcelonaIT O78
18-May-2003 1 European Championships DüsseldorfECh O78
12-Apr-2003 1 British Open Burgess HillIT O78
23-Mar-2003 3 A-Tournament Dutch Open RotterdamWCup O78
09-Feb-2003 3 Super A-Tournament Tournoi de ParisSWC O78
01-Dec-2002 1 British Championships (trials) WiganNC O78
13-Oct-2002 1 US Open Las VegasIT O78
22-Sep-2002 3 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
09-Jun-2002 3 Tre Torri Tournament CorridoniaIT O78
19-May-2002 2 European Team Championships MariborETC O78
16-May-2002 7 European Championships MariborECh open
29-Jul-2001 2 World Championships MunichWC open
26-Jul-2001 5 World Championships MunichWC O78
17-Jun-2001 3 German Open BonnIT O78
20-May-2001 3 European Championships ParisECh open
21-Apr-2001 3 British Open BirminghamIT O78
17-Mar-2001 1 Polish Open WarsawWCup O78
11-Feb-2001 3 Tournoi de ParisWCup O78
13-Aug-2000 1 German Open BonnIT O78
06-Aug-2000 1 A-Tournament MinskWCup O78
20-May-2000 1 European Championships WroclawECh O78
16-Apr-2000 1 British Open BirminghamIT O78
07-Oct-1999 3 World Championships BirminghamWC O78
05-Sep-1999 3 German Open BonnIT O78
15-Aug-1999 2 A-Tournament MinskWCup O78
22-May-1999 5 European Championships BratislavaECh O78
28-Mar-1999 1 Grand Prix Cittŕ di RomaWCup O78
28-Oct-2000 3 European Club Cup final LevalloisECC O70
22-Nov-1998 1 European Junior Championships BucharestEJU20 O78
11-Oct-1998 1 World Junior Championships U20 CaliWJC O78
28-Jun-1998 1 German Junior Open BerlinIT20 O78
05-Jun-1998 3 German Open BonnIT O78
16-May-1998 1 European Championships OviedoECh O78
11-Apr-1998 1 British Open BirminghamIT O78
05-Apr-1998 1 Dutch Open 's-HertogenboschWCup O78
28-Mar-1998 1 Commonwealth Championships EdinburghCWC open
28-Mar-1998 1 Commonwealth Championships EdinburghCWC O78
15-Feb-1998 1 ASKO World Tournament LeondingWCup O78
07-Dec-1997 2 British Trials ChaseNC O72
22-Nov-1997 1 1. Bundesliga FrauenNTC O72
16-Nov-1997 2 European Junior Championships LjubljanaEJU20 O72
26-Oct-1997 1 European Union Tournament PortimăoIT20 O72
07-Sep-1997 2 German Open BonnIT O72
08-Jun-1997 3 Tre Torri Tournament CorridoniaIT O72
17-Nov-1996 2 European Junior Championships Monte CarloEJU20 O72
20-Oct-1996 2 Trofee van Vlaanderen U20 HerentalsIT20 O72
06-Oct-1996 1 World Junior Championships U19/21 PortoWJC O72
03-Dec-1995 2 British Trials Bangor CastleNC O72
19-Nov-1995 2 European Junior Championships ValladolidEJU20 O72
22-Oct-1995 2 Trofee van Vlaanderen U20 HerentalsIT20 O72
03-Dec-1994 2 British Trials EdinburghNC O72
05-Jul-1993 2 EYOD ValkenswaardEYOD O66

• Sarah Adlington's record to date:

Date Result Event Type WClass
04-Dec-2010 3 IJF World Cup SuwonWCup O78
07-Nov-2010 2 Finnish Open VantaaIT O78
17-Oct-2010 5 IJF Grand Prix RotterdamGP O78
03-Oct-2010 3 World Cup BirminghamWCup O78
07-Aug-2010 5 European Cup HamburgECup O78
17-Jul-2010 1 British Team Championships WalsallNT O70
04-Jul-2010 5 IJF Grand Slam MoscowGSL O78
27-Jun-2010 1 European Cup OrenburgECup O78
19-Jun-2010 3 European Cup CeljeECup O78
06-Jun-2010 3 World Cup BucharestWCup O78
15-May-2010 1 European Cup LondonECup O78
21-Feb-2010 5 IJF Grand Prix DüsseldorfGP O78
31-Jan-2010 3 World Cup SofiaWCup O78
08-Nov-2009 1 Finnish Open Vantaa - EJUECup O78
11-Oct-2009 2 World Cup MinskWCup O78
20-Sep-2009 1 GB World Cup BirminghamWCup O78
25-Jul-2009 3 German Open Sindelfingen EJUECup O78
26-Apr-2009 7 European Championships TbilisiECh O78
25-Jan-2009 5 World Cup SofiaWCup O78
23-Nov-2008 3 European Championships U23 ZagrebEJU23 O78
01-Nov-2008 1 British Championships (trials) SheffieldNC O78
20-Sep-2008 1 World Cup BirminghamWCup O78
05-Jul-2008 5 German Open BraunschweigIT O78
21-Jun-2008 3 Slovenian Open Celje - B-tournamentIT O78
04-May-2008 1 British Open LondonIT O78
19-Apr-2008 3 Swiss Open LuzernIT O78
13-Apr-2008 5 European Championships LisbonECh O78
03-Feb-2008 3 Belgian Ladies Open ArlonIT O78
02-Dec-2007 1 British Championships (trials) SheffieldNC O78
25-Nov-2007 3 European Championships U23 SalzburgEJU23 O78
30-Sep-2007 7 Super World Cup Dutch Open RotterdamSWC O78
27-Jan-2007 2 British Open LondonIT O78
03-Dec-2006 3 British Championships (trials) SheffieldNC O78
26-Nov-2006 5 European Championships U23 MoscowEJU23 O78
02-Apr-2006 7 World Cup BirminghamWCup O78
26-Feb-2006 3 Matsumae Cup ViennaIT O78
05-Feb-2006 2 Belgian Ladies Open ArlonIT O78
03-Dec-2005 2 British Open Burgess HillIT O78
20-Nov-2005 5 European Championships U23 KievEJU23 O78
31-Oct-2005 1 Scottish Open Championships EdinburghIT O78
02-Oct-2005 2 European U20 Championships ZagrebEJU20 O78
31-Jul-2005 3 A-Tournament U20 CetniewoEJU20 O78
09-Jul-2005 1 British Junior Open LondonIT20 O78
15-May-2005 3 A-Tournament U20 LyonEJU20 O78
06-Mar-2005 5 World Cup TampereWCup O78
19-Feb-2005 3 Matsumae Copenhagen CupIT O78
30-Jan-2005 3 Belgian Ladies Open ArlonIT O78
29-Jan-2005 3 Belgian Ladies U20 Open ArlonIT20 O78
27-Nov-2004 5 European Championships U23 LjubljanaEJU23 O78
31-Oct-2004 3 Scottish Open Championships EdinburghIT O78
16-Oct-2004 5 World Junior Championships U20 BudapestWJC O78
12-Sep-2004 2 Heart of England Championships BirminghamNT O78
25-Jul-2004 1 A-Tournament U20 CetniewoEJU20 O78
20-Mar-2004 3 Belgian Ladies U20 Open ArlonIT20 O78
22-Feb-2004 3 Matsumae Cup ViennaIT O78
14-Dec-2003 1 British Championships U20 Stoke on TrentN20 O78
13-Dec-2003 3 British Championships (trials) Stoke on TrentNC O78
22-Nov-2003 7 European U20 Championships SarajevoEJU20 O78
30-Aug-2003 2 British Junior Open Crystal PalaceIT20 O78
01-Jun-2003 3 Euro Junior Tournament U20 StockerauIT20 O78
15-Mar-2003 3 Belgian Ladies U20 Open ArlonIT20 O78
02-Mar-2003 1 Agglorex Trofee LommelIT20 O78
01-Dec-2002 3 British Championships (trials) WiganNC O78
09-Nov-2002 1 British Championships U17 WiganN17 O70
26-May-2002 3 British Cadets Open WillesdenIT17 O70
06-Apr-2002 3 International Tournament U17 BrusselsIT17 O70
10-Mar-2002 2 Dutch Open Espoir U17 Tournament ‘s-HertogenboschIT17 O70
27-Jan-2002 3 International Tournament U17 GroesbeekIT17 U78




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