Sunday, 9th January 2011

MSMAS hold Annual Kagami Biraki to mark the arrival of 2011....

MSMAS, along with many other Martial Art Dojos in Japan and across the world, use the 'Kagami Biraki' ceremony to signify the first practice of the New Year.


'Kagami Biraki' (鏡開き) is a Japanese phrase which literally translates to "Opening the Mirror" or, also, "Breaking of the Mochi." 'Kagami Biraki' in 2011 falls on the January 9 (odd numbers are associated with good luck in Japan).

It is generally the first important event of the year after New Years Day and refers to the opening of a Kagami mochi, or to the opening of a cask of Sake at a party or ceremony.

The 4th Tokugawa Shogun was the first one to hold this ceremony 300 years ago. Before going to war he gathered his Daimyo in his Castle to break open a sake cask. The battle was successful, so from there on a new Ceremony was born.

In recent times the ceremony is also performed at weddings, sporting events, starting a new company, etc.

In Japan, mochi was traditionally made at home. Over the holidays, a pair of round mochi (kagami mochi) the size of small plates, one a little larger than the other, is stacked on a stand and placed in a household Shinto altar or tokonoma as an offering to the deities that visit on New Year's. The ornamental mochi is removed on January 9 and broken into smaller pieces before being eaten. By this time, the kagami mochi is usually quite brittle, and cracks appear on the surface. The mochi is not cut with a knife, since cutting has negative connotations (cutting off ties) and is instead broken with one's hands or a hammer.

In 2011, to synchronize with DNBK ID Kagami Biraki held in Kyoto Butokuden, MSMAS scheduled this ceremony in our own Dojo to send each other mutual spirit of goodwill and prayer for peace on earth. In addition, we were thinking about all in Butokuden as we recall our moments with them.

We connected our feeling and spirit as 2011 Kagami Biraki brightened the arrival of the New Year plus our renewed determination for the year ahead. 

• 0900 Harai no Gi (Opening Ceremony) by Sarah Price Shodan-ho Iaido
• 0905 Training for ALL Members in the Dojo.
• 1030 Formal Demonstrations of Iaido, Kendo, Judo & Aikido at MSMAS.
• 1100 Official message from Hanshi Hamada in Kyoto, Japan ...

'2011 Kagami Biraki' ~ Message from Honbu & Hanshi Hamada in Kyoto, Japan.

Dear All Members of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai:

In this special occasion of Kagami Biraki 2011, it is a great honor and pleasure to unify our spirit and sense of powerful bond in Budo training throughout the world.  We shall give and share our gutsy Kiai for encouragement of all brothers and sisters of worldwide DNBK dojo. In this New Year, we shall pledge ourselves individually to do our best in Keiko, and collectively build the dojo spirit to the higher level than previous year. Kagami means a mirror and it is the day of opening the mirror to signify one’s commitment and readiness in the challenging journey ahead.

With everyone’s energetic and spirited beginning, we will be ready to launch another great chapter of our history of DNBK in 2011.
So, let us move forward with solid Shin Ki Tai in one harmony with everyone. May this day be the special beginning which will bring the shinning greatness of our future!

Thank you.

Tesshin Hamada
Chair, DNBK ID
Kyoto, Japan 

• 1105 Osame no Gi (Closing Ceremony) by Steve Tovee, YuDansha Karate
• 1110 Traditional 'Banzai' by all present.
• 1115 ‘Breaking the Mochi’ then Oshiruko, sushi & sake for all.
• 1200 MSMAS General Meet for ALL

Message received aftter '2011 Kagami Biraki' from Honbu & Hanshi Hamada in Kyoto, Japan.

Dear Dojo Heads of DNBK ID:
Thank you all for your unified effort toward the call of Kagami Biraki of DNBK ID.
We are sure you had a very meaningful Kagami Biraki in your dojo and groups and individually wherever you were. Main thing is to show your sincere heart and attempt to unify the pure feelings, goodwill, good wishes for all colleagues of DNBK ID worldwide.  Whatever skills you did based on your chosen disciplines, if you put your spirit into it, it was harmoniously unified with all our members around the globe. If you just meditated reflecting on the self and dojo, it gave you the confidence of your strength to go onto the future with pride. If you have not conducted Kagami Biraki as of yet, please include the good wishes of DNBK ID in your own process.
In Kyoto Butokuden, students joined in showing the solid spirit signifying the importance of Kagami Biraki and the beginning of the dojo. It was a joy to sweep the floor for the first time of the year in Butokuden. They enjoyed the challenge of training with high intensity.  Their goal is to be ready for 2012 WBS. Butokuden is the home of our headquarter as it had been in spirit. Such spirit always welcomes us quietly while we pray and hope for the best of everyone. 
Since we now completed the official Kagami Biraki of 2011, we declare our strong efforts toward the common goals through Budo must be pressed on with vigorous energy and commitment. Your tireless dedication in 2011 will be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,
Tesshin Hamada
Chair, DNBK ID
Kyoto, Japan



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