Wednesday, 10th November 2010

MSMAS Team (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) at DNBK '5th America Butoku Sai & 45th Anniversary of USA DNBK' in USA

The DNBK '5th America Butoku Sai & 45th Anniversary of USA DNBK' was a major celebration event in 2010 ....


" Please extend my personal congratulations to all Tenshin Kan members, all of you showed very strong spirit at the event. "

Tesshin Hamada ~ Osaka Japan


'5th America Butoku Sai & 45th Anniversary of USA DNBK' was an opportunity for selective international members of DNBK ID to gather their spirit, skills and camaraderie.

Also to gather for training, social-fellowship exchange and to share mutually inspiring experience, including traditional America Butoku Sai plus a Martial Art camp, 'Gasshuku', stressing the joining of pure energy, strength in harmony and union of all participants.

•   2/11 Tuesday

UK to Washington DC for overnight stay..

•   3/11 Wednesday

1000hrs Washington DC to Virginia Beach for check in @ 1500hrs
1700hrs Welcome Hospitality
1830hrs DNBKID Dinner

•   4/11 Thursday

0700hrs Breakfast
1000hrs DNBKID Reps Meet
1100hrs General Meet
1200hrs Lunch
1330hrs Buses to Miyazaki Japanese Garden
1400hrs Commemorative Tree planting Ceremony
1500hrs Museum Visit
1800hrs Dinner
2000hrs DNBKID Reps Meet
•   5/11 Friday

0700hrs Breakfast
1000hrs Budo Seminars
1200hrs Lunch
1400hrs Budo Seminars
1530hrs Ending Ceremony
1730hrs Dinner
1900hrs Orientation for Gasshuku
2000hrs 1st Joint Keiko

•   6/11 Saturday

0530hrs Wake Up
0630hrs 2nd Joint Keiko
0745hrs Breakfast
1000hrs 4th America Butoku Sai
1230hrs Lunch
1430hrs 3rd Joint Keiko
1800hrs Reception & Banquet

At the Banquet MSMAS (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) were honoured to receive:

1) $1000.00USD Bursary for our Youth Division from Hanshi Kuwahara
2) MSMAS (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) # Team Yusho Sho
3) Kyoshi Payne # Individual Yusho Sho
4) Renshi Terashima # Individual Yusho Sho
5) Catherine Payne # Individual Dorokyu Sho

All participants received very special gifts both intangible and tangible at this America Butoku Sai.

Spirit shared was most important, plus many wonderful memories that shall remain priceless.

There are things they will never forget such as the shirt with Hanshi Kuwahara's calligraphy of Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, plus of course the TENUGUI HACHIMAKI as special honour of Sanka Sho (Participation Award) with calligraphy written by Sosai (Governor of DNBK) reading KO MYO HEN JO and signed by Higashifushimi, Jigo, Shorenin Abbot Emeritus.

The translation: "Bright Light Shines Throughout the World"
Interpretation: Each individual can become the light of hope in this world. It is like the light of Buddha which shines in all things.

We all enjoyed the Tenugui calligraphy by Sosai and will keep it as a special memory of this America Butoku Sai and Gasshuku...

•   7/11 Sunday

0500hrs Wake Up
0600hrs 4th Joint Keiko
0745hrs Breakfast
1000hrs 5th and Final Joint Keiko
1115hrs Recognition Ceremony

At the Reception Ceremony MSMAS (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) were honoured to receive:

1) Kyoshi Payne         Aikido Shihan & Judo ShichiDan (7th Dan) Judo
2) Renshi Terashima    Kendo Shihan

1200hrs Lunch
1430hrs Virginia Beach to Washington DC for Dinner

•   8/11 Monday

1000hrs Run up 'Bull Mountain'
1400hrs Visit to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Centre near Washington Dulles International Airport.
1900hrs Dojo Training with Kevin Wright
2200hrs Dinner

•   9/11 Monday

1000hrs Washington DC visit.
2040hrs Washington DC to LHR

•   10/11 Tuesday

0845hrs LHR to Home...

At this event Kyoshi Payne was raised to ShichiDan (7th) Judo and awarded Shihan Aikido, whilst Renshi Terashima was awarded Shihan Kendo...




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