Wednesday, 18th August 2010

DNBK Elite Budo Seminar and Gasshuku in Kyoto Japan and Nagoya Castle 400th Anniversary Budo Taikai

Sponsored by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division and Honbu DNBK ...


Budo/Bujutsu: Karatedo, Okinawa Kobudo, Japanese Kobudo of Sojutsu and Jojutsu

Curriculum emphasis: 7 to 8 hours of intensive training in the above traditional Budo in addition to lectures and teaching seminars every day in Butokuden and DNBK ID International Rensei Taikai in Butokuden

Students to have special opportunities in training the multi-facet of traditional Budo and Kobudo and Karatedo from the leading experts.

List of Main Instructors .....

* Karatedo:

Shusei Maeshiro, Hanshi Hachidan Karatedo, DNBK, Judan (Shurei Kan) Konan Uechi Ryu from Okinawa
Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi, Karatedo, DNBK (Shorin-Ken Chishin Ryu, Kobudo Hanshi DNBK, Soke, Chishin Ryu Heiho)
Tsuneo Shimabukuro, Hanshi Hachidan, Shurei Kan (Ko Nan Ryu) from Okinawa
T. Morisaki, Shichidan, Karatedo, DNBK (Shito Ryu)
Do Kanze, Shichidan, Kyoshi Karatedo DNBK (Shoto Kan)

* Kobudo:

Takeo Nakada, Hanshi Hachidan, Sojutsu Fuden Ryu
Nakamori, Hanshi Hachidan, Sojutsu Fuden Ryu
Nagata, Hanshi, Hachidan, Sojutsu Fuden Ryu
Hiroo Nakada, Kyoshi Rokudan, Fuden Ryu
Kinoshita, Hanshi, Hachidan, Kobudo, Shindo Muso Ryu 


8/18     Arrival to Shogoin Gotenso Inn

8/19     Orientation Meeting in Budo Center, Introduction of Instructors, Opening Ceremony in Butokuden, Official Welcome by Hanshi Kuwahara, President of DNBK Board of Directors, Harai no Gi (Hanshi Kubota, Kyudan Enshin Ryu Iaido)

8/20     Okinawa Konan Ryu, Uechi Ryu

8/22     Shito Ryu and Shotokan Ryu

8/23     Shorin Ken Chishin Ryu

8/24     Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu

8/25     Fuden Ryu Sojutsu

8/26     Fuden Ryu Sojutsu

8/27     Heian Shrine and receive O-Harai, Rehearsal Practice in Butokuden, Lunch in Budo Center
(Honbu Standing-Board Members arrive.), Opening Ceremony of DNBK Rensei Taikai in Butokuden
Kokki, Declaration, Mokuto, Senshu Sensee, Harai no Gi, then Participants will demonstrate skills learnt in the seminar aftterwhich each Dojo demonstrates their own Budo skills based on their styles of disciplines. Recognition Ceremony, Assessment Report, Individual Awards, Koshu Kai Certificate of Achievement, Sanka Sho & Memorial Photo Session of All Participants with Honbu Officials. Reception Dinner Party at Heian no Mori Hotel where Honbu Board joins this function.

8/28     Check in Kokusai Hotel Kyoto for DNBK ID Final Meeting and Official Recognition

8/29     To Nagoya castle in Nagoya City for International Budo Taikai in commemoration of 400th anniversary of Nagoya Castle: DNBK ID team will demonstrate. Farewell dinner at Kokusai Hotel


Participants to Kyoto seminar will be invited to perform in the 400th Anniversary Nagoya Castle International Budo Taikai as special 'Guests of Honor. This will be sited right inside of the Castle compound and it will be most intriguing event of all. It will be most exciting to perform in the Castle where many great battles took place in the medieval Japan, to be invigorated with the ambience of spirit of the Samurai, especially after hard training in Butokuden. This will be a great honor to receive such opportunity.

8/30     Departure to Kansai Airport and other transportation arrangement



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