Monday, 19th July 2010

MSMAS Youth Team return from DNBK '2010 Youth Butoku Sai' in Kyoto, Japan....

This biannual Taikai is held for the elite youth members of Japan with MSMAS & DNBK ID youth students are able to engage in traditional Budo demonstrations, with high spirit and intensity ..


Comment from Hamada Hanshi after the event:

" Please be known that UK Team led by Irene Franco did a fine job in the last 'Japan Youth Butoku Sai'.

You should be very proud of their outstanding accomplishments on and off the Butokuden.

They shared together joint leadership with other DNBK ID teams and led the joint force with high pride and honor.

Thus, we wish to congratulate on their fine performances. "

• 12/7   Departed LHR…

• 13/7   Arrived safely in Osaka for lunch with Hamada Hanshi, Hotel overnight in Osaka & ‘Welcome Reception’.

The MSMAS UK Team then joined the other Teams from Canada and USA to work as one, moving together at all times.

The next day was set aside for a 'study tour', which required feedback, with more feedback at the end of each of day, plus the creation of a Journal .....

• 14/7   Visit to Osaka Castle, Kyoto Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple & Tour of Kyoto.

This was a very full packed day with brief visits to each site, where our Team was asked to feel with their hearts, rather than with mind and words.

Osaka jo is an impressive fortress build by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a General with an ideal to conquer and unify Japan.

Kinkaku ji is all about reflection and meditation, an insight to what could be an 'empty mind' maybe?

The Heian shrine is majestic, despite the 'monsoon' rains.

Nijo jo was clearly built to impress, with yet more rooms restored and the artwork reaching every little detail, the 'nightingale' floorboards are also really very clever traps !!

Kiyomizu dera is an incredible Temple with colossal statues of numerous Deities. The view invited reflection, located as it is on the top of a hill, where drinking the thermal waters is recommended.

• 15/7   Practice Session in Butokuden

This was the first time for our Youth Team in the Butokuden. A solemn atmosphere fills this unique building. Training took place on etiquette in and around the Butokuden, then each Team trained by themselves, while the Seniors present made Ippon kumite.

Then some free time to relax in the Gotenso Inn, before another traditional meal called shabu shabu.

The Gotenso Inn is a traditional Japanese Inn where our MSMAS Team stayed, being just a short walk from the Butokuden. It has tatami matted bedrooms and dining rooms, as well as traditional baths, all in a truly beautiful setting, with delightful staff

• 16/7   Practice Session in Butokuden & visit to Shorenin Temple.

This day was mainly orientation training, as the whole of the International Division was to demonstrate together...

Our Team's Judo Randoori was explosive, as each Country made their demonstration in front of each other.

Finally, a visit to the Shorenin Temple where our Team paid due respect to the 2 guardian trees, both over a 1000 years old, and the fudo mio: an impressive painting which is a National Treasure of Japan.

• 17/7   ‘Japan Youth Butoku Sai’ in Butokuden & Reception for Participants.

An early start at the Heian Shrine for blessings, where Liam from the USA made an Iaido Kata.

Then to the Butokuden for the Butoku Sai, where the Ceremonial was followed.

The International Division was first, with a spirited demonstration, then many Youth from Japan demonstrated highly skilled kata.

Afterwards the MSMAS Team was presented with a 'Shorei Sho' for their particular demonstration.

Our Team, with Members of the Honbu Board plus a large group of Japanese Youth and parents then gathered for a Reception, which was a success, with many wishing each other the best, until they meet again in Canada in 2011.....

• 18/7   Farewell party.

During the day our Team used the free time to explore Kyoto by bus.

This included a visit to the Ryoanji Temple, a UNESCO site known worldwide for its rock garden, created by a Zen Monk, that just invites meditation.

Then a walk through the Imperial Palace park, plus lunch by the Kamo river.

The afternoon was used to reflect on the day, indeed the whole week, and to write an essay.

The Farewell Party was then held, prior to our Team's departure on the 19th....

• 19/7   Departure from Osaka.

Reports from some of the participants will also follow, as and when available.....





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