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MSMAS Dojo ~ Instructors Roll


* Founder & Dojo Head: Roger Payne, Hanshi-ho, Shihan.
        Deputy Dojo Head: James Bibby, Renshi, Shihan-Dai.

* Judo (Adult): Chris Sharp, Sensei.
   Judo (Junior Improvers & Youth): Shelley Jackson, Sensei.
   Judo (Junior Novice): Caimin Woodhead, Sensei

* Aikido: Kevin Hinton, Shidoin.

* Iaido:

1) Seitei Iaido: Guy Wakeford, Sensei.

2) Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū Study Group: James Bibby Renshi under Carl Long Kyoshi.

* Kendo: Shuichi Terashima. Renshi, Shihan.

* Karate: Archie Grasson, Sensei

* Brazilian Jujitsu: Justin McGibbon, Ivam Maciel BJJ


MSMAS Dojo Head & Founder ~ Roger Payne, Shihan.

8th Dan Hanshi-ho Judo, 7th Dan Kyoshi Aikido & 6th Dan Kyoshi Iaido.

Founder of ‘The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School’ (formerly Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Mid Sussex) now also known as 'Tenshin Kan Dojo UK'.

DNBKID 'Daihyo' (Official Representative of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in the United Kingdom until 2014).

DNBKID 'Kenshoin', Representative for Judo serving under the direction of the Japan Hombu and the DNBK International Division, chaired by Japan’s Prince Higashi Fushimi Jigo, this appointment being an extension of the authority of the DNBK Hombu and its Governing Body.

DNBKID Shihan (師範) - Title of "Master" - a Japanese Honorific Title, Expert License Certification used in Japanese Martial Arts for Master Level Instructors. SHOU-GOU 称号 is the masters title-system set up by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, established in 1895 in Kyoto. It is consist of three ranks, Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi. The sho-go awarded consist of the three similar ranks and are therefore classical ranks/titles similar to Samurai titles given under the auspices of Japan's Imperial Family during feudal times. The award of sho-go is based on each individual’s knowledge, teaching ability and the outstanding development of character. Therefore it is important to realize that these titles/ranks are much more difficult to achieve than the conventional Dan grades and are NOT automatically assigned with rank or seniority. The holder of these Titles must also have made significant contributions to the community at large.

Began training in the Martial Arts nearly 50 years ago, starting with Shotokan Karate, under the auspices of the KUGB, then made contact with Judo, Iaido, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Kendo & KoBudo, reaching Dan Grade (Black Belt) in 3, whilst Grading in many others.

Opened own Dojo in late 1980’s and now, over 25 years later still teaches weekly, his belief in Kihon (basic) Waza (technique) completely unshaken and as strong today as it ever was, believing always:

"constant practice of the basics is the only way to progress, whilst trying to retain the 'beginners mind',"

so essential, in his opinion, to either teach and/or learn effectively.

1994 retook formal 'Mat Gradings' at the inaugural DNBKID Seminar in London by DNBKID, after which awarded Ranked ratification of his existing Grades in 3 separate disciplines, Aikido, Judo & Iaido.

Became International & Certificated DNBK ID Member # 10.

Appointed Official UK Coordinator, then later Official UK Representative (Daihyo) of DNBKID, a post he still holds.

Since 1994 priviliged to attend numerous DNBK ID Training Camps & Seminars around the World, fully participating in all and given the great honour to teach at some...

DNBK ID 'Training Camps & Seminars'.....

1994 ~ UK ~ Inaugural 'International DNBK ID Seminar' ~ London.
1997 ~ USA ~ '25th Anniversary Camp' of DNBKID ~ Nags Head, North Carolina.
1998 ~ USA ~ '1st World Butoku Sai' ~ Norfolk, Virginia.
2000 ~ UK ~ 'United Kingdom Butoku Sai' ~ Manchester.
2002 ~ JAPAN ~ '2nd World Butoku Sai' & '46th National All Japan Butoku Sai' ~ Kyoto.
2003 ~ GERMANY ~ 'European Rensei Taikai' ~ Magdeburg.
2004 ~ USA ~ 'All America & International Butoku Sai' ~ Norfolk, Virginia.
2005 ~ PORTUGAL ~ 'European Rensei Taikai' ~ Sintra.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Budo Seminar' ~ High Wycombe.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada ~ Eton College.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada ~ Oxford University.
2006 ~ UK ~ 'UK Lecture & Demonstration Tour' by Hanshi Hamada ~ Cambridge University. 
2006 ~ FRANCE ~ 'French Rensei Taikai' ~ Chartres.
2006 ~ BELGIUM ~ 'Belgium Butoku Sai' ~ Brussels.
2007 ~ CANADA ~ 'Canadian Rensei Taikai' ~ Toronto.
2008 ~ JAPAN ~ '3rd World Butoku Sai' & '53rd National All Japan Butoku Sai' ~ Kyoto.
2009 ~ GREECE ~ ‘Greece Rensei Taikai’ ~ Athens.
2010 ~ USA ~ 'All America & International Butoku Sai' ~ Norfolk, Virginia.
2011 ~ UK ~ '1st DNBK ID UK Embu Taikai' ~ Wycombe, Bucks.
2011 ~ CANADA ~ 'Canadian Butoku Sai' ~ Kingston, Ontario.
2012 ~ JAPAN ~ 'World Butoku Sai' ~ Kyoto, Japan.

To come ....

2013 ~ UK ~ 'World Youth Butoku Sai' & 'UK Butoku Sai' ~ (Possible)


* A selection of other non-DNBKID Seminars/Events abroad invited to teach...

• RUSSIA ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ Alexander Arabadjiev, Kyoshi, Moscow Budokan.
• RUSSIA ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ Alexander Chinakhov Sensei, Togliatti, Volga. 
• PORTUGAL ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ AAS (Associação de Aikido do Sul) Aikido Festival.
• CARIBBEAN ~ Guest Aikido Instructor ~ West Indies Aikido Federation (Jamaica & Barbados).
• GERMANY ~ Guest Judo Instructor ~ VaK e V. International German Budo Seminar.
• GERMANY ~ Guest Budo Instructor ~ Schulpforta, Saxony-Anhalt.

• RUSSIA ~ Aikido Teacher for  "Aikido Federation Ajkikaj Togliatti", Russia. 

* Brief selection of UK Association & Events attended as 'Guest Instructor'....

• United Kingdom Jujitsu Association International Seminars
• South of England Martial Arts Festival for Disabled People
• Martial Arts Planet Mixed Martial Arts Festivals
• Gozo Shioda Memorial Seminars
• Meeting of Minds Aikido Festivals
• Shin Gi Tai Aikido Festivals

* UK Educational Establishments ....

• Eton College (DNBK Lecture Tour) ~ Guest Instructor.
• Brunel University (Department of Sport Sciences) London ~ Guest Martial Arts Lecturer.
• Oxford University ~ DNBK Lecture Tour.
• Cambridge University ~ DNBK Lecture Tour.
• Oakmeeds College, Burgess Hill, Sussex ~ Approved Guest 'Martial Arts Instructor'.
• Sackville College, East Grinstead, Sussex ~ Approved Guest 'Martial Arts Instructor'.
• Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath, Sussex ~ Approved Guest 'Judo Coach'.
• St Paul's Sports College, Burgess Hill, Sussex ~ Approved 'British Judo Association' Coach.
• West Sussex Local Education Authority ~ Approved 'TOPS' Sports Coach

* Other details:

• British Judo Association # Registered Judo YuDansha (Black Belt), Qualified/Accredited Level 2 Judo Coach, Theory Examiner & Judo Kata Certificated. 

• British Kendo Association ~ Past Member & Iaido YuDansha

• Aikido Journal Encyclopaedia listed as # 871.

• Japan Society of Brighton & Mid Sussex ~ Founding Committee Member & 'Martial Arts advisor'.

• 'The National Academy of Traditional JiuJitsu' ~ Aikido & Iaido ranks recognised throughout Russia by Alexander Arabadjiev, Kyoshi.

•  'Budokan' in Moscow ~ Judo rank recognised by Sergey Kosorotov, past Heavyweight Judo 'Champion of the World' at this world famous Dojo in Moscow.

• 'Federation Aikido Aikikai', Togliatti, Russia. ~ Teacher of Aikido.

• 'Japan Art Festival' London ~ Martial Arts Advisor.

• 'Entertainment & Media Show' (Japanese Culture Zone) London ~ Martial Arts of Japan.

• 'Moshi Matsuri' part of 'Brighton Japan'.


• 'Aid for Japan' - Charity for Tsunami Childrens Charity.

• Approved ‘Leisure Provider’ to West Sussex County Council Children & Young People’s Services


Payne 'Family Motto'


" Malo Mori Quam Foedari " ~ " I would rather die than be disgraced "


* Other MSMAS Teachers/Instructors/Sempai/Kohai ...


• 6th Dan Rank    

Dr Llyr Jones: MSMAS Judo Kata & Technical.
6th Dan DNBKID
B.Eng., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D., C.Dir., F.IoD.
Active in Judo for over 25 years as Student, International Competitor, Teacher, Researcher & Author. Dr Jones has lived, worked and studied Judo for extended periods abroad – mainly in Japan (Kodokan, Tokyo; Kanagawa Prefectural Budokan, Yokohama; Doyukai Fusisawa) and France (Institut Judo/Jujutsu Pariset).  He has also practised extensively in the USA, Australia and Switzerland. Dr Jones now focuses his Judo efforts mainly on Kata. He believes that the link between Judo’s past and future is firmly embodied in the accurate teaching of Kata. Dr Jones is a DNBKID Shihandai and also holds teaching/coaching, refereeing, examining, kata and self-defence certificates from the British Judo Association (the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Judo in the United Kingdom). 

• 5th Dan Rank

Dr Shuichi Terashima : MSMAS Kendo Head:
5th Dan Renshi, Shihan DNBKID
B.A. (Hons), M.Sc. & Ph.D.
Terashima Sensei was born in a small town in the Northern Region Tochigi Prefecture. His family history was that of the Shizoku (Samurai warrior) class, descended from Aizu han (Aizu clan), with inherited blood of Seiwa-genji. Unfortunately his family archives were destroyed and burnt by the Satsuma army during the Aizu-war. (1868). When Shuichi was 5 years old he first took up a shinai under the tutelage of his Grandfather. He was then moved to a local Kendo Dojo when he was 7. The Dojo was large with about 100 Members with several Teachers from Tochigi Police and Kokushikan University, there, as a result of hard training; he had some good results at major tournaments. At the age of 17 he was diagnosed as RD (retinal detachment). After recovering from his operation, he resumed Kendo. His biggest change in Kendo was meeting with one Nito kendo-ka (two swords) which had a great impact on the future of his Kendo life. Nito style made him think how deep sword fighting philosophy was and he has been training Nito Kendo since then.

Archie Grassom
5th Dan Karate
Started Karate in 1973 at the Kobe Osaka Karate Club in Scotland under Sensei Brian Docherty; later trained under Shihan Tommy Morris and Master Shiguru Kimura. In 1975 as part of the Kobe Osaka team competed in New Jersey USA at the International Shukokai Tournament, to take the title and trophy presented by Master Kimura. In competition won Scottish National Titles in both Shukokai and Shotokan before moving to England and career in Kent Police, finally specialising in firearms and close protection. Having competed, taught and refereed for over 33 years and in pursuit of truth, self knowledge and true martial spirit, as well as teaching the odd celebrity; Ally McCoist (Scotland and Rangers Footballer/ TV presenter, A Question of Sport) and Sola Akinbola, percussionist with Jamiroquai, he founded the Takimura Karate Federation as part of his personal journey before joining MSMAS.

• 4th Dan Rank

James Bibby : MSMAS Deputy Dojo Head
4th Dan Judo Renshi, 3rd Dan Aikido, 3rd Dan Iaido, 1st Dan Kendo, Shihan-Dai DNBKID
BSc (Hons), BSc (Hons) DPO. Consultant for the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, teaching to Masters Level after Graduating with BSc (Hons) from the British School of Osteopathy, followed by practicing at one of the most respected practices in the profession and training in Paediatric Osteopathy with the Osteopathic Centre for Children, also holds BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. Started Karate at 11 and continued until late teens, then took a few years out focussing exclusively on gym based physical training, until deciding to return to Martial Arts to learn Aikido under Roger Payne Kyoshi. Strongly encouraged to study Judo and within a year successfully completed a 'line-out' at the old London Judo School (LJS) to obtain 1st Dan with the British Judo Association. Started training in Iaido and became a Member of DNBK and continuing to pursue 3 disciplines, including Judo sessions at the Budokwai, and High Wycombe with British Judo Squad Members and other International Judo Players, entering numerous competitons over the years to gain County and Southern Area Judo Titles. Later started boxing for fitness and latterly Kendo at MSMAS.

Kevin Hinton : MSMAS Aikido Head
4th Dan Aikido, 1st Dan Iaido & 1st Level Reiki, Shidoin DNBKID
Began Aikido in 1990 due to an interest in the Martial Arts of Japan, training with many different Sensei from around the world up to 4th Kyu, then based training with Kyoshi Payne at MSMAS Dojo who’s tutelage and guidance took him 1st Dan (Shodan) with DNBKID in 2000. Two years later received 2nd Dan in Kyoto, Japan in front of the DNBK Hanshi Board. Then began Iaido and Reiki to complement Aikido and all the benefits given him.

Catherine Payne : MSMAS Judo Performance Coach
4th Dan Judo, 2nd Dan Iaido, 1st Dan Aikido,& 1st Dan Kendo, Shidoin DNBKID
M.Sc. (Sports Science) & B.Sc. (Hons).
Started Judo at 11, after spending numerous years as a dancer, quickly proved herself in competition at both County and Regional level, plus winning the British School’s Judo Association (BSJA) Nationals and securing a place on the BSJA Great Britain Team, medalling on the International stage for Great Britain at the age of 16.  In the same year, medalled in the full British Judo Association Nationals, securing a place on the Great Britain Cadet Squad. Obtained fully competitive 1st Dan by ‘line out’ at the Budokwai in London, before moving on to other disciplines within MSMAS. Today, 3rd Dan Judo, 2nd Dan Iaido, 1st Dan Aikido & 1st Dan Kendo, making her the first and only female Budoka in MSMAS, by holding a black belt in 3 or more Disciplines.

• 3rd Dan Rank

Linden Kirk : MSMAS Web Master
3rd Dan Aikido & 1st Dan Iaido plus 1st Dan Judo (Russia), Shidoin DNBKID
Linden came from a little village where there was never any trouble. However, after 2 long years "getting into trouble" in Manchester he missed the edginess of life and decided to look for avenues to explore that level of realism, but in a different environment so joined MSMAS. Awarded 1st Dan Aikido in 2001 by Hanshi Hamada, 1st Dan in Iaido followed in Japan 2002 at the DNBK 2nd World Butoku Sai, Kyoto. Then awarded his 1st Dan Judo by Sergey Kosorotov, 8th Dan Judo, past Member of the Russian Olympic Team and Judo World Champion in Moscow in 2007. At the DNBK 3rd World Butoku Sai, Kyoto, Japan in 2008 he was awarded a 3rd Dan in Aikido, Iaido & Judo, but is today still adamant it's just a clerical error, to be cleared up soon !

Ceri Griffiths 3rd Dan BJA
BSc (Hons) Sports Science & BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science.
Started Judo at 9 as a means of defending himself from school bullies. Graded to 1st Dan at 15 one of the first people to study Judo as part of his GCSE’s and won Welsh Judo Titles at both Junior & Youth levels. Studied Sports Science at the University of Brighton and where he joined MSMAS to become British Judo Champion in 1997 in the U100 Category. In 2000 medalled at the Commonwealth Judo Tournament in Canada. Retired from the competitive Judo in 2002. In 2006 achieved 3rd Dan when he returned to compete at the Welsh Nationals to take Gold and asked again to represent Wales  at the 2006 Commonwealth Tournament, which he declined. Continues today as a full Member of MSMAS, for whom he competes, as well as his hometown club of Carmarthen and assisting his brother with Honto Judo in Cardiff.

Emyr ap Sion 3rd Dan BJA
Fdsc Sports Performance & EJU Level 4 coaching qualification
Currently both Welsh Champion and Welsh # 1 in the -73 kg Weight Category, Emyr was born on the outskirts of Cardiff, raised in Carmarthenshire and started Judo at the age of 8. As a Junior, became Carmarthen Judo Club's first ever 18th Mon, Welsh Champion and a regular representative for the Welsh Team. In 2000 he was ‘runner up’ in both Carmarthenshire and Carmarthen Town ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ awards. He started Coaching at 15 and has since spearheaded the revival of a Judo Club in Newport and Co-Founded another in Cardiff. He is also the youngest British Coach currently holding an EJU Level 4 qualification, having recently completed a foundation Degree specific to Judo at the University of Bath and recently shortlisted for the ‘2009 Sports Council for Wales’ as Coach of the Year. Emyr’s links with MSMAS go back from a very young age with regular trips to Sussex for technical sessions and occasional extended visits for training periods.

Andrew Bedford 3rd Dan Aikido
Began training at 15 under John Duggan 6th Dan at the Hereford branch of the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society in 1994. He gained his SanDan (3rd Dan) with them in 2010 and is now a fully qualified and registered National Coach Level 1 with the British Aikido Board, the NGB for Aikido in the UK. After some time as the Instructor at The Kamizukan Dojo in Brighton, Andy then moved to train at MSMAS.

Jim Cotter 3rd Dan MJER Iaido & 2nd Kyu Seitei Iaido
B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
After having practised Aikido in central Scotland for 5 years since the raly 1980’2, he reached 1st Kyu in 1986. However, the date for his Dan grading was the same as the start date of a new job in England. As such, he left Aikido with some regret and then did not practice another Martial Art for 12 years after moving to Sussex in 1987. There he focused on Squash, Golf and Cycling until he found MJER Iaido in 1999, attending a weekend seminar with Morinaka Sensei in 2001. Further training led to a 3rd Dan in MJER in 2009. However, this led to more questions than answers and he felt he needed to broaden his view of his own personal Iai journey. That led to a 3 month search to find a suitable Dojo, finding MSMAS in April 2011. Jim says now that "every week I get more answers than questions !"

Other 3rd Dans :

Lee Fahey: 3rd Dan Aikido, 2nd Dan Aikido & 1st Dan Judo, Shidoin DNBKID
Mark Griffiths: 3rd Dan BJA
Georgie Grassom 3rd Dan Karate. 

• 2nd Dan Rank

Cris Leahy 2nd Dan BJA Level 2 Coach .
Spotted by Kyoshi Payne while working out in a Gym, Cris was another latecomer to Judo, but gained 7th Kyu at competitive BJA Sussex Grading after only a few weeks of taking up the discipline. As a 3rd Kyu Cris entered a British Ranking event to take Gold at the Northern Home Counties in February 1998, plus 1st Kyu in recognition by John O'Brien of High Wycombe Judo Centre. This was followed by Gold  at the Southern Area Closed, Silver at Sussex Closed, Bronze at the Welsh Open and a place plus Gold as part of the Southern Area Mens Team at the National Teams. At the end of 1998 Cris was ranked Nationally at 3rd, leading to International competition at both the German & Belgium Opens, then ranked 4th in 2000. This led to the successfull defence of his Southern Area titles, winning the Sussex Closed, plus 'outright' Champion of Ireland, winning both the Northern Ireland Open and Ireland Open.  After a serious limb injury in 2005 from a Rugby incident, Cris subsequently had a period of intense rehabilitation just to walk, let alone compete in Judo. However, he celebrated this return by winning the Southern Area Open in 2007 and became National Masters heavyweight Champion in 2008. Now 'semi-retired' from Judo competition, Cris has just obtained verification as a Level 2 Coach to add to his BJA Instructor status and keeps active and involved in Judo by being keen to learn new developments by attending Training Seminars wherever he can.

Irène Franco : MSMAS Iaido Head
2nd Dan Aikido & 2nd Dan Iaido DNBKID
French Degree in Nature Conservation.
Born in Seine et Marne in the countryside east of Paris, France, she is the daughter of a Dutch mother and Spanish father, and as such is multilingual. Irène discovered Aikido for her A-levels and upon arriving in the UK trained with the British and French Aikikai, until settling at MSMAS, a Dojo with whom she was able to share her style and approach to training. Irene is also an invaluable member of the Tenshin Kan Dojo UK Team, acting also as our ‘linguist’ whilst we are on our travels or when the Dojo receives any overseas Guests.

Pat McBride
2nd Dan Aikido & 2nd Dan Iaido, DNBKID
BTEC HND in Mechanical Engineering & NVQ Lev3 Maintenance Engineering.
Began Aikido at MSMAS in 2005 aged 18 to increase fitness levels and have means of self defence. A few months later began the study of Iaido, also at MSMAS, to help develop his Aikido and just 8 months of training given  the honour of Dojo Kohai a position he held until he became an Iaido Sempai in 2007. Received both 1st Dan in Aikdo & Iaido in Kyoto, Japan and lately his 2nd Dan, again in both Aikido & Iaido in Athens, Greece. He continues to train at MSMAS both as an Aikido and Iaido instructor.

Nik Dawson
2nd Dan Judo IBC & BJA
Started Judo at 15 due to being bullied and to improve self esteem. Not a ‘natural’ Judo Player, Nik initially trained harder than most under the late Steve Bates of Yokohama Judo and was first pupil at the Dojo to gain 1st Dan aged 18. Then entered many competitions joining the IBC National Squad competing abroad at many European Competitions. Gained 2nd Dan at 21, but had to grade again aged 33 to gain BJA ratification after a 2 year layoff. Years of ‘on/off’ training followed due to work and family commitments, but Nik still brings enthusiasm and an ‘older style’ of Judo to MSMAS. Nik has trained at many Dojos, including London Budokwai and Croydon Judo, but his philosophy has not waivered, “forget the push/pull type of Judo that seems prevalent at lots of Judo Clubs and study traditional ways”. In Nik’s opinion, “MSMAS offers balanced Judo to all pupils looking to improve their Art and most importantly their philosophy outside the Dojo, remembering that in victory be not proud of winning, and in defeat be not downcast, just to tread the middle way.”

Martin Kennett
2nd Dan Judo DNBKID
M.I.R.M. (Member of the Institute of Risk Management)
Began training in Judo 17 years ago at the veteran age of 38 with Kyoshi Payne and joined DNBKID. Gained 1st Dan at the 'United Kingdom Butoku Sai' in Manchester, then 2nd Dan at the '2nd World Butoku Sai' & '46th National All Japan Butoku Sai', Kyoto, Japan in 2002

Christopher Sharp : MSMAS Judo Head
2nd Dan BJA Instructor Award
Started Judo aged 11 at School then meet Kyoshi Payne aged 13 who helped to bring out the best in my Judo by allowing me to train with his Seniors, gaining my 1st Dan aged just 16. Competed in local and National Tournaments with some success before a 2 year layoff, coming back better and stronger as a Senior. Resumed hard training in 2005 and have competed in local, national and international Tournaments, taking medals in both the English and Northern Ireland Opens in 2007, plus Sussex County Champion 2005/6/8/9 and achieving 2nd Dan in 2009.

Shelley Jackson ~ 2nd Dan BJA Instructor Award ~ Head of Junior & Youth Judo at MSMAS
Started Judo aged 9 under Kyoshi Payne, who I have been with at MSMAS ever since. As a Junior I graded to 18th Mon (the maximum junior grade possible) and gained 99% Medal success rate before turning Senior. Then transferred 1st Kyu and Sempai at MSMAS. Currently Sussex County and Southern Area Gold Medallist and Champion, representing both in competition and BSJA National Champion. In 2009 became Under 20’s National Medallist to become an Under 20’s GB Squad Member and ranked 4th in Great Britain. Recently took enough points to make Shodan 1st Dan Black Belt. Not bad for a decade of training ~ bring on the next decade I say...

Guy Wakeford 2nd Dan Iaido & Kendo Sempai.
Began Martial Arts at MSMAS at the tender age of 39 after bringing his children to MSMAS to learn Judo. Guy discovered the Iaido Sessions at MSMAS and decided to try his hand. A qualified weight lifting and fitness instructor with 20 years experience Guy was looking for a change in direction and found one at MSMAS, adopting several disciplines.

• 1st Dan Rank

Andrei Kaportsev 1st Dan Iaido : MSMAS Armourer
Born in Moscow, Russia, while in University practiced Russian Sambo and later some Taekwondo, moved to UK in 1999 and in 2005 joined MSMAS Dojo as a Novice.

Richard Loureiro, 1st Dan BJA
Started boxing at 10/11yrs as uncle had been British Army Champion in North Africa. At 16 started Kyokushinkai but only enjoyed Kumite, so began Kickboxing and Muay Thai. As this did not have either the organisation or discipline required began Judo. Unfortunately, during a Randoori Session dislocated clavicle, so returned to Thai boxing. Some years later resumed Judo and within 6 months became Sussex Blue Belt & Under Champion, South England 2nd Kyu & Under Champion, plus medalled 3 times at the Sussex Trials, in all respect due to the support of Kyoshi Payne. Now also trained in Sombo up to Black belt level and invited to compete at the British Sombo Championships, also ‘IBF Summer Camp Submission Wrestling Open Weight Champion’ and train in Shotokan Karate plus several styles of JIU JITSU including Brazilian.

Hamish Wilson, 1st Dan Aikido DNBKID & 1st Kyu Iaido
Born in Crawley, Sussex of Scottish origin, in 2005, having lived in Hampshire and Sussex, returned to Scotland to join his extended family. Hamish started Aikido in 2002 with MSMAS and a year later also began to train in Iaido at MSMAS. Hamish joined the MSMAS team in 2004 for the 'All American & International Butoku Sai' and also in 2006 for the DNBK Rensei Taikai in Brussels, Belgium. Hamish now resides in Edinburgh where he has been able to attend Seminars with Toshiro Suga (6th Dan Aikikai), Jacques Bardet (6th Dan Aikikai), Yoko Okomoto (6th Dan Aikikai) and Yashimitsu Yamada (8th Dan Aikikai). In 2008 Hamish gained 1st Dan (Shodan) in Aikido and his 1st Kyu in Iaido. Hamish firmly believes the greatest challenge is, to keep training. Only by persevering through difficulties, will real satisfaction be gained.

Bethan Rees 1st Dan BJA
BSc (Hons) Sport and Physical Education
Bethan born in Aberdare started Judo at her local club aged 12 and it soon became her passion. One year later selected to train with the Welsh National Squad, representing Wales on numerous occasions, as a Junior winning 2 Closed Welsh Championships in a row and gold and two bronze medals at the British Schools Championships and 2nd place at the British Schools National Trials. Gained a place on the Welsh Senior Women's Team travelling to Spain for a National Training Camp and Championships, gaining 1st Dan at 17. Used Judo as part of her GCSE PE as well A-Level PE before going on to study Sport and PE at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, using female Judo Players as her subjects to write her 3rd yr dissertation based on sports sociology. Bethan also holds Level 2 Coaching Award, gained at University.

Alex Tame 1st Dan BJA Instructor Award
Began Judo aged 6 under the instruction of his father Colin Tame so competed regularly for his local club (George Town, Tasmania) at both State and National level, representing Tasmania at U16 level. As an exchange student in Japan at the age of 18 he played Judo for his School and learnt a great deal about Japanese culture, as well as the sport of Judo. After arriving in England he played Judo in South London for several years before moving to Mid Sussex and joining MSMAS with whom he recently achieved his Sho-Dan black belt.

Patrick (Paddy) Gilmartin 1st Dan Kendo
Started Kendo aged of 32, weighing 16 stone, after bringing his girl friend to Aikido and observing that this Dojo was the type of place that he would like to train in. Then proud to be appointed Kohai in June 2009 after a Dojo visit to Germany with Kyoshi Payne. Since then attended DNBKID Rensei Taikai in Greece where the MSMAS Kendo team gave a demonstration in Athens. Then 'Spirit Training' on West Wittering beach, where everyone definitely had their spirits tested! Now, and weighing some 5 stone lighter, this has made significant changes to his life, being fitter than ever, with a healthier diet and life style. MSMAS has shown him that training in the traditional Japanese Martial Arts can strengthen the mind as well as the body....

Allan Smith 1st Dan Judo.
Started Judo aged 8 and moved up the Junior Grades competing in many Tournaments, from 5th Mon up medalled every time. At 8th Mon entered the ‘Sussex Trials’ and took Silver, medalling for the next 5 years on each and every occasion. However, following the ‘Southern Area’ at Crystal Palace, he retired from Junior Judo as an 18th Mon. Aged 18 he returned to Judo to take a Senior Grading and with 3 contests, all finished with straight Ippon, was awarded 2nd Kyu. In 1997 Allan joined the Army and at his first posting, a Unit with a Judo club. However, the Instructor running the Club was in the Army Squad and represented the under 78kgs Category. That was also Allan’s weight category and having beaten his Instructor in the lead up, then failed to turn up as promised to give him a lift to the Trials, so missed out on them completely! (The Instructor said he ‘forgot’, Allan left the Club….) After leaving the Army Allan returned to Judo, taking his 1st Kyu in 3 contests, all finished with straight Ippon and then the ‘Hampshire’ to take Gold. Allan achieved is 1st Dan Black belt in 2009 at a Grading held at the revered Budokwai Judo Club in London, winning his first 2 contests with straight Ippon, each in under 1 minute, qualifying for a line up against 3 opponents. He won all 3 contests with 3 more straight Ippon wins in less than 1 and half minutes overall ! Since achieving his 1st Dan in Judo, Allan has now also taken up Brazilian Jujitsu to complement his groundwork fighting, the aim, to progress further in both.

Peter White, 1st Dan BJA Judo
Began Judo in 2000 under Sensei Catherine Payne in Haywards Heath, before moving to Honbu Dojo and training with Kyoshi Payne. On the competitive scene became part of the Sussex County Junior Squad and represented MSMAS at the London & Kent Internationals. Began to open mind to other disciplines, practicing Karate, Iaido and Kendo, all under the supervision of MSMAS Instructors. Now attending Sheffield University and became Club Captain for the Judo Squad, making himself the youngest Member ever to do so, returning to competitive Judo and taking 3 medals and 80 points towards his 1st Dan in less than a month before completing his points and gaining his 1st Dan ~ 5/2/2011 !

Sarah Price 1st Dan Iaido
RGN, Onc Cert, Cert FET
Encountered MSMAS as a parent to a child attending the Junior Judo mat twice a week. First acting as a parent/ chaperone on various trips overseas for the Junior Teams, being an oncology/ chemotherapy nurse and also a qualified exercise teacher, then decided to experience Iaido herself.

Alexander Khlemanov 1st Dan Iaido
M.Sc. (Experimental Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics & Astrophysics)
Moskovskij Inženerno-Fiziceskij Institut (Gosudarstvennyj Universitet)
Born in Moscow, Russia, now a leading project engineer for complex IP telephony solutions. Came to the UK in 1999 and has resided in West Sussex, Hampshire and East Sussex. Interested in Oriental cultures from the age of 15 and began practice of the Martial Arts from the age of 8 including Sambo, Kung-Fu, Ju-Jutsu, Karate, Aikido and Sobor before joining MSMAS to train in Aikido, Judo and Iaido as always extremely interested in the practical application of MA techniques, but in the last 7 years the interests migrated more towards historical and philosophical aspects of MA, though the interest in the practical techniques still very strong.

• Other 1st Dans:

Sue Buckley (GB Masters Squad Member & Worlds Judo Medallist), Jerry Hunt, David Francis, Bibi Bohorquez, Tom Wood, Ian Simmonds BSc MRICS MCIOB MCIArb., Dave Robinson, Duncan Baker, Andrius Pakstaitis & Sary Wardakan.

• Sempai Rank

Adam Barker 1st Kyu BJA Judo
I have always been a keen sportsman and started judo at the age of 39 to maintain a focus for my fitness training. I have always trained at MSMAS and would not consider moving elsewhere. Over the last 8 years I have reached the grade of 1st Kyu and have 70 points toward my Dan grade, like my running, this journey has been a marathon not a sprint! More importantly than judo I have learnt a lot about myself, and developed greater resilience and spirit to deal with all of life’s problems.

Neil Grigg 1st Kyu Judo (BJA), 1st Kyu Goshin Jutsu (Kodokan) 1st Kyu Muso Shinden Ryu Iai (Kenshukan Dojo - Tokyo).MPhil PGCE (Ed)  BSc (Hon) Dip HE TechIOSH AIIRSM IIRSM 
Neil started Judo aged 11 and quickly developed onto the competitive Judo scene being selected for the National Squad, the Middlesex Squad and the London Budokwai Judo Team. He has trained with Yasuhiro Yamashita, Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Neil Adams to name a few. Neil has been directly responsible for the security and protection of our Royal family and other high risk persons and has and continues to be a professionally qualified teacher and instructor for numerous organisations and agencies. He has worked and lived in Japan in Chiba-Ken, Minami-Kashiwa and Yokohama and travelled all over Japan, highly privileged with what he has gained access to and experienced first hand. Neil decided to step away from the competitive side of Judo and began to train in Japan intensively at the Kenshukan Dojo in Tokyo under the personal supervision of Dansaki Sensei - President of the All Japan Iaido Federation, Iaido 9th Dan Hanshi, Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi, Jodo 7th Dan Kyoshi and Kenshu Kancho (now sadly deceased). Dansaki Sensei was one of the most senior martial artists in Japan and jointly designed the Seitei-Gata forms that we all now adhere to when training in Iai-Do today. Neil was invited to join the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu by Otake Risuke Sensei (Shihan) and joined without hesitation and took the Keppan (blood oath) and from that moment he was a full member of this very special and historical samurai combat school. Neil has trained personally with Otake Sensei and his two sons Nobutoshi and Shigetoshi Sensei respectively. During these years Neil gave up Judo and Iai-Do and fully immersed himself at The Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu for (16 years). The Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu was designated an Intangible Cultural Asset in 1960 and is viewed as the most ancient and true classical sword and combat school in Japan. Its teachings are unbroken since 1460 and this is unique in Japan. When he moved to West Sussex he decided to continue training in Judo and Iai-Do at MSMAS. A Member of the Token Society of Great Britain he has an extensive collection of original  Japanese arms and armour. His knowledge on Nihon-To is extensive as his practical application of the use of these and other classical Japanese weapons. His skills, knowledge and experience in classical martial studies is unusual and coupled with his professional experience over the last 20 odd years he is a useful addition to MSMAS.

Peter Hyde 1st Kyu BJA Instructor Award & 1st Kyu Iaido
I am honoured to train under Kyoshi Payne at MSMAS in order to follow my martial path. The training provides me with a better understanding of myself, those around me and the world in which we live. Having the knowledge of how to defend myself in different situations gives me the confidence to avoid conflict and to resolve issues with positive outcomes.

Adrian (AJ) Jackson Judo 1st Kyu BJA Instructor Award, Dojo Administrator & Welfare Officer plus Senior Area BJA Referee.
Began Judo aged 7 at the Budokwai in London. Family moved to North West Essex and became a member of an AJA Judo Club in Halstead. Aged 13 moved to Rugby and became School 1st Team Captain, before Senior Rugby for Braintree RUFC and becoming youngest player to ever play for 1st Team at 17. Also played football for School 1st Team and Halstead Town Youth Team, later Rugby League in Kent for Bexley Heath Lions. Returned to Judo, my one true vice, not just for the Judo but also for everything that comes with it, as demonstrated by MSMAS and its legendary ethos and ethics. I am proud to be a Member of this centre of excellence, whose model, in my opinion, should be emulated across the UK & Internationally. I believe that MSMAS is where my education, training & experience will continue.

Steve May 1st Kyu BJA Instructor Award
B.Sc. (Hons) Sports Science
Started Judo aged just 5 at Harris Judo, Sidcup, Kent. Graded to 1st Kyu at just 14 and competed to National standard, taking Silver at the National Championships at Crystal Palace twice. Became seriously ill at 15 and forced to take 2 years out of Judo, then briefly returned to Harris before going on to University and another 3 year break from Judo. Restarted Judo in 2003 after an invitation to attend MSMAS. Due to the birth of 1st child, forced another break, but will return soon to finally train to attain 1st Dan.

Kevin Uridge 1st Kyu BJA Instructor Award
OND in Agriculture from Shuttleworth College.
Attended MSMAS as son was learning Judo and thought Judo looked fun, so asked if I could join the Senior Mat and started Judo at 45 and now enjoying competion. I have learnt a lot more than just Judo at MSMAS, this has helped my life and my business

Mike Evans ~ 1st Kyu BJA Judo
Born in Aberystwyth, Wales and moved to Sussex in 1987 to work as a tree feller but now a Director of an international mobile payments solutions company. Mike always had an interest in MA, but never found a discipline or an environment that suited his unique spirit and competitive nature, until being introduced to MSMAS and Judo. This proved to be a life changing event (even though he did not starting training until he was 38). MSMAS gave him the opportunity to travel and compete in places such as Russia and France, plus experience other disciplines such as Ju-Jutsu and Systema. A highlight of one of his travels with MSMAS was the chance to train and practice with Sergey Kosorotov, ex World Judo Champion. After a relatively successful background in rugby, Mike is now a true evangelist in his belief that Judo is a natural progression for rugby players. He says ‘I only have one regret in MA, and that is not finding Kyoshi Payne and Judo sooner in life‘.

Mark Edmondson 1st Kyu BJA Judo
I have been interested in the Martial Arts as long as I can remember, starting at the age of 6 with Judo in my homeland of Wales - I continued until the age of 12 when I turned my attention to Mok Gar Kung Fu. I studied this until the age of 19 by which time I had achieved my Brown Sash and was a part time Instructor. During University I was engulfed by rugby (my 2nd love).  I then travelled to Australia for work in 2002 where I studied Muay Thai under Phon Martdee for a year and on my return to the UK continued combat training in Vale Tudo (Mixed Martial Arts).  A serious knee injury then put an end to my hopes of competing in MMA and I stopped training......  Recently (at the end of the rugby season) I decided to look for a Judo club - fortunately I found MSMAS who have rekindled my passion for Judo! After obtaining my 1st Kyu I am now excited about the prospect of attempting to attain my YuDansha ranking.

Other Sempai: Jeanette Kwasniewski (BJA Instructor Award), Sary Wardakan, Gus O'Grady, Will Price, Thomas Thain & Matt Tweddle.

MSMAS regret the passing of Sempai Victoria Morgan (11/6/11), she will be sadly missed yet an inspiration to all who met her at MSMAS or on her short journey through this life.

• Kohai

Luke Sedge
Born 8th August 1976, Stone Park Hospital Beckenham. First introduction to self defence was at a small boxing club above the Pauline Arms Pub in Green Lane, Penge, SE London aged just 6. In early teens joined Army cadets 101 Battery Royal Artillery which helped discipline and spent Sunday mornings running around with large logs until dropping, then put on an old pair of straw filled boxing gloves and stand face to face to punch each other, plus first taste of Judo with a small club in Anerley. September 1997 joined London Fire Brigade and focused on ultra fit cross training events. In 2006 also trained as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. First heard about Sensei Roger after listening to some guys at work talking about a trip to Greece, which involved them being tested in their discipline of Iaido. Where they trained was too far from his home in Crowborough, but a mate remembered meeting Roger and told Luke of MSMAS in Sussex. A phone call late in November 2009 introduced him to Sensei and a short time after he was standing on West Wittering Beach in torrential rain, with 70mph wind, for something called ‘Spirit Training’. He knew then he had found the right place, standing in waves with a bokken, soaking wet and screaming. Over the past year he has settled into Judo and even competed at the Sussex Trials, with Iaido his other passion. Fortunate to be chosen for the America DNBK 45th Anniversary MSMAS team, an honour and life changing trip which made him want to be the very best student and privileged to have been awarded the Title of 'Dojo Kohai'.

Luke Ahearn: Bio to follow


• Brazilian Jujitsu

Justin Mc Gibbon
Started training Western Boxing aged 14 whilst in South Africa. At the age of 24 in South Africa he joined Toukido to take Japanese Jujitsu, plus some Valetudo, now known as Mixed Martial Arts. With his heart set on the Jujitsu he started competing as his passion for the Art grew stronger and of the endless possibilities of controlling unfriendly situations, with less effort or injury to both parties, than traditional Western Boxing could offer. Left South Africa at the age of 26 and moved to Dubai where he initiated his Brazilian Jujitsu training under the Emirates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team. After a year moved back to the UK in 2008, where he met with Ivam Maciel, with whom he has trained ever since. Naturally his commitment is to Ivam Maciel, yet the alliance between Ivam Maciel and MSMAS now allows him an opportunity to take Judo at MSMAS whilst holding ‘BJJ’ for the MSMAS Members.


• MSMAS Honorary Members ~


• Dojo Appointments

• Cultural Officer: Shihan Shuichi Terashima 5th Dan Kendo Renshi
• Cultural Consultant: Akemi Solloway Tanaka
• Welfare Officers: Adrian Jackson & Tim Radmall
• CRB & Competition Coordinator: Adrian Jackson
• Quarter Master: Jeanette Kwasniewski
• Web Master: Shidoin Linden Kirk
• Premises Manager: Guy Wakeford
• IT Support: Cenk Ozkan (Weald)

• First Aiders

The School holds First Aid Certification Courses, acceptable by the 'Health & Safety Executive', at which Members are instructed in First Aid by an independent source.
The Course, 'Sports Appointed Person' covers :

• Administration
• Role of Appointed Person
• Primary Assessment
• Recovery Position
• Secondary Assessment
• Choking
• Bleeding
• Shock
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Asthma.

The names shown below were either renewed or inducted at our last Course, or already hold superior 'First Aid' and/or other Medical Qualifications.

 1. Roger Payne 
 2. Catherine Payne
 3. Jeanette Kwasniewski
 4. Wendy Wren
 5. Bibi Bohorquez
 6. Irene Franco
 7. Sue Buckley
 8. Kevin Uridge  
 9. David Francis 
10. Andrei Kaportsev
11. Sarah Price  
12. Martin Kennett 
13. James Bibby 
14. Linden Kirk
15. Alex Tame 
16. Lee Fahey
17. Cris Leahy
18. Guy Wakeford
19. Christopher Sharp

Finally a Q&A Section...


Starting training at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School …

This page answers some frequently asked questions about starting training .....

Please see if your question is answered here, if not make an email enquiry @

1. How do I start training?
2. Do I need to arrange my visit?
3. When are beginners classes?
4. How much does it cost?
5. Can I have private lessons?
6. At what age can I join ?
7. What equipment do I need to start?
8. Can I buy my own equipment now anyway?
9. I have another question can I email you?

1) How do I start …?

First call us 01444 318422 or Email

We ask that everyone calls first before starting so that we can chat to you first to see if we can be of assistance and so that you can ask any questions you may have.

If suitable, you will then be issued with Dojo directions (we are not easy to find) and asked to complete our ‘Application to Train’ form in order to join, as you will need to bring the completed form with you to your 1st Session when you are invited to start.

2) Do I need to arrange my visit?

Yes, please do NOT just turn up!

There is no fee for your first Session and you will be made welcome.

3) When are beginners classes?

As we have our own Dojo MSMAS is not limited to school terms like many others, beginners may start at any time throughout the year.

4) How much does it cost?

All Juniors (min age 8) & Youth (max age 18) train for FREE…


All pay £35.00 pcm for 1 x Discipline, with each additional Discipline charged at only £5.00pcm

(e.g Judo only = £35.00pcm but Judo & Aikido = £40pcm combined).

So the more you do, the less is costs !!

Annual Membership is FREE for Junior & Youth.

ALL Seniors pay a flat £20.00 per annum to cover Insurances and the like.

There are reductions for those who are in full time education or unemployed.

Judo Players must also join the British Judo Association.

5) Can I have private lessons?


Practicing in the Dojo as a group is an important aspect of learning…

6) At what age can I join ?

You have to be at least 8 years old for Junior Judo.

Youth Judo & Senior Judo is at the discretion of the Instructor.

Seniors only for Kendo, Aikido & Iaido.

7) What equipment do I need ?


When you start we will lend you kit.

8) Can I buy my own equipment now anyway?

It is a good idea that you seek advice from the Instructor or senior member before investing in your own kit as we can obtain it as special rates.

Parents NOTE ...

If your child stays less than 4 months, we will buy any kit obtained from us back at 50% of the cost !!

9) I have another question can I email you?

Please look at the FAQ page and the rest of the website first to see if your question is answered there; if not, we will be happy to answer any question you may have either by call or Email



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