Friday, 23rd April 2010

MSMAS supports 'Breaking Down Barriers' Festival for Children with disabilities....

Payne Kyoshi taught yet again at the 'Breaking Down the Barriers' Festival held for Children with disabilities ...


It was another brilliant day !!!

'Breaking Down Barriers' a.k.a 'Terry Taylor Memorial Festival' or as we know it 'Terry's Do' !!...

This event is, as ever, in memory of the late Terry Taylor Sensei, whose vision was to ensure that as many disabled people as possible can have access to Martial Arts in all its forms.

Held this year at Dartford Judo Club, host to current and future Olympic and Paralympic Judo athletes, and our thanks go to the club for enabling us to use this facility.

Also to all the Instructors and Volunteers who also gave up their time to come along not only to teach, but to be a part of the Breaking Down Barriers experience.

Finally a very big thank you must go to Malka Machin, who does all administration in the background and to Brian Taylor and his family for their continued support in both administration and sponsorship of this event, also to our supporters and sponsors over the recent years.

Festival timetable

9.00 - 9.30 am Instructors briefing

9.30 – 10.00 am  Arrival & registration of schools

10.00 – 10.15 Welcome & opening  ceremony

10.15 – 10.30 am  Warm up                                                        

10.30 -11.00 am     First session

11.00 -11.30pm  Second session

11.30 -12.00   Third session

12.00-12.30   Lunch

12.30-1.00 pm  Lunch

1.00-1.30 pm  Demonstrations

1.30 -2.00 pm Presentations

Other Instructors present:

Dr Shuichi Terashima : 5th Dan Renshi, Shihan-Dai DNBKID & MSMAS Kendo Head.
B.A. (Hons), M.Sc. & Ph.D.

Terashima Renshi was born in a small town in the Northern Region Tochigi Prefecture, his family history was that of the Shizoku (Samurai warrior) class, descended from Aizu han (Aizu clan), with inherited blood of Seiwa-genji. Unfortunately his family archives were destroyed and burnt by the Satsuma army during the Aizu-war. (1868). When Terashima Renshi was 5 years old he first took up a shinai under the tutelage of his Grandfather but was moved to a local Kendo Dojo aged 7. The Dojo was large with several Teachers from Tochigi Police and Kokushikan University, there, as a result of hard training had some good results at major tournaments. Aged 17 he was diagnosed as RD (retinal detachment) but after recovering from his operation resumed Kendo. His biggest change in Kendo was meeting with a Nito Kendo-ka (two swords) which had a great impact on the future of his Kendo life as Nito style made him think how deep sword fighting philosophy was and he has been training Nito Kendo ever since.

Dave Lee: Martial Art: Mixed 5th Dan

I started martial arts at age 9, and have studied Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Aiki-Jutsu, Kenjutsu, JuJutsu and universal cane system. Dave will teach Cane and Self Defence at the event. In 2007 I founded the Disability Martial Arts Association for Disabled People, and is the current chief executive of the organisation. Its main aims are to promote martial arts to people with disabilities, and ensure that instructors have the knowledge and experience to engage people with disabilities into their clubs.

Neil Howard : Martial Art: Mixed 4th Dan    

I started training in 1973 aged 12 (The height of the first Bruce Lee/Kung Fu craze !).  My main training has always been in Shito Ryu Karate (Known in many groups as Shukokai) and hold the grade of 4th Dan but also hold the grade of brown belt in Ju Jitsu WJJA gained around 1988. I have also studied some Kobudo under Julian Mead (Late 80's and 90's) and also under my Sensei K Tomiyama. 
As a young man I competed in both Kata and Kumite along with studying the traditional classic aspects of true Karate. I despise the old fashioned inter style rivalry and enjoy training in any school/style/system -so much to learn.   One of the main aims of KOFUKAN KARATE written by Sensei Tomiyama is to "Cultivate a good personality and strong character".  These aspects of Karate I teach to my own students.
Sam and Vicky Waters

Vicki and Sam  have been training in Martial Arts for over 9 years. They each hold a black belt in the following styles of karate:
• Freestyle
• Korean Tang Soo DO
• Tsuyoi karate jutsu
Vicki and Sam cross trained in those styles over a period of 5 years training on average 7 times a week in the Dojo and for far too many hours to count at home.
 Sam and Vicki also train in Ju jitsu, Kobudo & Wado Ryu. Same also Sam practices Kenjutsu.

Richard Burford: 3rd Dan Karate

I started martial arts at the age of 11 in August 1986 due to being bullied at school. I began training in Kenilworth, Warwickshire in a style called Sakiado under the name of Peter Baines. This style of martial art was basically Korean based. Starting a martial art could not have been better as it gave me a huge boost in confidence. After a number of year’s I began to filter away from this establishment in order to join a freestyle organisation named U.K.A.S.K.O. (The United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organization.) It was through this organisation where I gained my black belt in 1994. From here on in the club I was affiliated to linked up to another freestyle organization & from here on in we began to formulate our own system of fighting.

Clifford Hyde-Gomes

Born1951 his martial arts history goes back to 1960 at the age of 9 years old, his father used to teach him boxing, but as he always used to be away from home due to his work, his father enrolled him into a martial arts school, and this is how it all started. Kalari from 1960 to 1964 Master Bhattacharjee in Dacca East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) (4 years)  Bando Kickboxing 1964 to 1970 Mr Dodo Mia in Dacca years Jitsu Ruy 1970 to 1972  Sensei Hasimoto in Dacca,  1st Dan Black Belt (2 years) He stopped for 8 years due to the war with Hindu and Muslim, where schools were burnt or closed down. At that time He worked with the United Nation Merchant Marines for 5 years. And the British High Commission, Dacca, for 3 years in the Security department He came to England in 1979 Shaolin Fist Kung Fu 1979 to 1987 under master, Yop Leong. 2 Dan Black Sash London.(8 years)  Tae Kwon Do ITF 1 year and 6 month 1986 to 1988 master Ree Ki Ha, 2nd Dan Black Belt.(2 years) Karate 1986 to 1993. Under Shihan Raymond Lee 4th Dan Black Belt Chinese Kickboxing 1990 to date 5th Dan (Awarded on 2002 by  WUMA Awarded a Certificate by WUMA Master of the Martial Arts 1999 Chum Kune Do 9thDan  Black Belt  (Awarded on  2008 by Black Belt International ) Chum Kune Do (Eurasian Martial Arts)   1990 to date he is the Founder of Chum Kune Do Martial Arts Academy Master and Chief Instructor of Chum Kune Do 1999    3 times UK Hall of Fame Presented by the World United Martial Arts Association  2000 International Referee Certificate (WUMA Italy) Medway Sport Award 2004 Nominated by University of Kent & Medway Council. 3 times Pride in Medway 2005 to 2007 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Medway for Outstanding Achievement. By Medway Council, Medway Messenger, University of Kent & MHS Homes Group.  2006 National Martial Arts Award for Dedication & Commitment to Martial Arts, By British National Martial Arts Association. Awarded Community Champion Certificate of Merit by Kent Community Foundation 2007.   USA Hall of Fame 2007   USA Hall of Honor & Fame 2010 Grand Master England                                                     
He has coached students from inter-school, county, British, International to become World Champion in Kung Fu, Karate, and Kickboxing in forms and contact fighting. 

Steve Strong

Head of Tsuyoi Martial Arts. He is a 3rd Dan in Karate Jutsu with the British Combat Association, a BCA Level 3 Enhanced Self Protection Instructor, and a Shodan in Kickboxing. He is presently training under Joe Carslake Hanshi 10th Dan, learning from him Aiki Ju Jutsu, and both Reiki and Kuatsu healing discilplines. Steve's clubs specialise in applied Karate Jutsu - a no-nonsense approach to the application of original karate techniques in self-protection. His background encompasses both sport Karate and Judo, and Steve won the Silver medal at the World Open, and is three times British Open Kata Champion. In latter years however, he has turned his full commitment toward training in the original practical uses of the martial arts, and sought the best education available from many sources. To maintain both the fitness and workout aspects of training, and the extension of additional skills, he has recently opened Kickboxing and Kobudo classes within Tsuyoi Martial Arts. He is proud that he is able to offer his coaching to everyday people, regardless of any limitations they experience in other areas of their lives
Our deepest thanks go to current and past sponsors of Breaking Down Barriers – Terry Taylor Memorial Fund

• Steve Strong

• Graham Wendes and friends

• Nigel, Vicky and Sam Waters and their school friends and parents who have sponsored the event from Castle View School in Essex

• Justin J Wright

• Gillingham Lions Club Charitable Trust Fund

• Richard B Young

• Philip S Taylor

• Nick Clark

• Doug and Betty Bayne

• Brian & Sandra Lockyer

• Dave and Pat Spreyer

• Albert & June Greenbank

• Jon Greenbank and Susi Sonday

• J L Fearn

• C A Robbins

• Goutam Bose

• Phil Goddard

• Bexley Visual Impairment Team

• Esther Taylor

• Malka Machin

• BTA Consulting Limited


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