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MSMAS OPEN 'Iaido & Kendo Summer Festival' with Kyoshi Long & Terashima Renshi... .....

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School Summer ‘Iaido & Kendo Festival’ was open to ALL Iaido & Kendo students of any rank, style and affiliation and was fully booked with all places taken !!


First, just some of the Participant’s own comments…

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an enjoyable and instructive weekend. It was so good to be able to participate in such a wonderful festival. It was so encouraging to hear such positive comments in the changing area on the whole day. I feel it has gone such a long way towards providing a harmonious teaching and learning environment and has fostered new respect and friendships between dojo's. If you have the time, I would be grateful if you could convey my grateful thanks to Kyoshi Long for his wonderful teaching, his patience and humility. His teaching skill is truly a gift and I am so blessed to have been a recipient of his wise words. He has re energised me and I look forward to returning to my Dojo with his spirit in my heart, ready to learn and attempt to improve my very meagre efforts. I know I will never achieve the beauty of practice that has been demonstrated this weekend but that my strength of spirit will go some way towards making up for my inadequacies.”

“Thanks are due to you and the other Sensei for giving us a truly memorable and informative day! Shihan Carl Long was all that you promised, as well as being a great and friendly man, and I'm so pleased to have met him. I personally learned lots and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of being amongst like minded martial artists, and the camaraderie of being amongst those I count as friends...”
“Can I just say how much I enjoyed the Festival today, so thank you very much!”

“Thank you for sharing and thank you for laying on a fantastic event. I've really enjoyed myself.”

"Thanks for a great day out Roger, I do hope we can meet Carl again, what a nice genuine man and the Kendo was superb. Feel very privileged to have attended, wonderful ,thank you again"

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself, Long Kyoshi, Terashima Renshi and all others involved for the fantastic time I had this weekend, it was also encouraging to see such a high turnout from other Dojos. Long Kyoshi's teaching was exciting and informative plus delivered with such humility. I particularly liked the way that some of the techniques he taught bridged the gap between Iaido and Kendo, bringing them both to life. I also enjoyed the opportunity to make Keiko with other Kendoka, which highlighted my weaknesses and gave me renewed vigour to return to regular training. XXX also enjoyed herself and expressed her gratitude for this weekend’s activities.”

“The Festival was one of the best I have attended for content and organisation. I was very pleased to be able to show my students how these things should be run. I believe all who attended will have come away with a positive attitude. Shihan Long and Renshi Terashima made this I believe a very important day for all, both spiritually and physically, indeed building a bridge for all to embark on. Thank you again.”

"Only one word to describe the weekend :- Fantastic, many thanks for making it happen. Our special thanks to Carl Kyoshi and Shuichi Renshi for giving their time and sharing their experience with us. It was wonderful. Please convey our  best regards to Carl and Shuichi and everyone at MSMAS. We all feel privileged and proud to be part of the weekend."

"Thanks for organizing the event Roger. I really appreciated experiencing Kyoshi Long's wise, gentle and kind manner - a great Teacher!"

"Thank you very much for organising such a great event. The quality of the organisation only reflected the quality of the teaching. So many solutions offered to so many niggly problems in Iaido and great meeting other Kendoka and training with them. A great spirit from all participants just made the whole experience even better."

"The Iaido & Kendo Summer Festival on Saturday was a very enjoyable and interesting day With regards to the Iaido; Carl, as expected, showed what a gifted and knowledgeable swordsman he is. Muso Shinden Ryu has a great many similarities to Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and his instruction, advice and comments were of great help."


The Festival Instructors were:

• Iaido ~ Shihan Carl Long, Kyoshi.

Shihan Long Kyoshi is the highest ranked member in the world of Jikishin Kai International, under Shimabukuro Hanshi.

As Eastern USA Hombu-Cho and Director for the Jikishin-Kai International Shihan Long Kyoshi is responsible for the instruction and certification of Jikishin-Kai Instructors and Dojos throughout the United States of America,  Canada, Central America, South America and Europe. Shihan Long Kyoshi is also an Honorary Member of MSMAS.

His interest in the Martial Arts began as a teenager in 1968, first studied Judo, Karate-do, Okinawa Kobudo weapons and other traditional Japanese Martial Arts, achieving Dan ranking in Shorin Ryu Karate (8th Dan), Iaido (7th Dan), Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (6th Dan), Shito Ryu Karate (6th Dan), Okinawa Kobudo (5th Dan), Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu (4th Dan) & Aikido.

• Kendo ~ Shihan-Dai Dr Shuichi Terashima, Renshi.

After a life time in Kendo, Terashima Renshi is now Head of Kendo at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (Tenshin Kan Dojo UK) and ranked 5th Dan Renshi.

Terashima Renshi, born in a small town in Japan in the Northern Region Tochigi Prefecture to a family of the Shizoku (Samurai warrior) class, descended from Aizu han (Aizu clan), with inherited blood of Seiwa-genji. Unfortunately his family archives were destroyed and burnt by the Satsuma Army during the Aizu-war in 1868.

At 5 years old he first took up a shinai under the tutelage of his Grandfather, within 2 years moved to a local Kendo Dojo. The Dojo was large with Teachers from Tochigi Police and Kokushikan University.

As a result of hard training Terashima Renshi enjoyed some good results at major Kendo Tournaments. However, aged just 17 he was diagnosed with RD (retinal detachment) but after recovering from operations, he resumed Kendo. The biggest change in his Kendo was meeting with a Nito (two swords) Kendo-ka. This had a great impact on the future of his Kendo, with the Nito style making him think how deep sword fighting philosophy was, he has been training Nito Kendo ever since.

The Festival doors opened at 0830 for Registration.

The Format was:

• 0900       Payne Kyoshi first read an 'Opening Statement' on how and why the Festival came about…

"This Festival is the outcome of many individuals, all overcoming preconceived notions of what can and cannot be accomplished, if it is being done for the right reasons.

It is the realization of many people’s desire to advance their education and hone their skills through avenues presented to them.

Many untold Budoka have contributed to this Festival becoming a reality.

It is the culmination of MSMAS YuDansha, Sempai and Students, working diligently for over 20 years, trying to bring Japanese Budo to the UK, plus the support of all those attending today who have extended their hand and spirit in an act of friendship and common bond.

This Festival is the fruit of the inspiration and wishes of our Teachers and mentors, we act a stewards of a legacy, to pass it on unaltered and representative of the Art bequeathed to us.

It is our duty as Budoka to pass along something much greater than any of us as individuals, as these Art forms have will survive far beyond us, whereas we as Budoka are only for the moment.

Ichi Go Ichi E

Only once in a lifetime
The chance of a lifetime
Every encounter are treasure
Do not pass off the chance of the encounter

This Festival has come to fruition because it is the right thing to do, at the right time, for the right reasons and for the right people.

The Festival also received a personal message from Dr. H. Tesshin Hamada, Chair, Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (International Division) which read...

Dear Shihan Payne, Kyoshi:

It is my pleasure to send my personal greetings to you and all participants gathered in this training seminar held in your dojo.

I am very certain that Kyoshi Long as guest teacher for this occasion will be a great inspiration to all of you while he can share his depth of his knowledge and outstanding skills of Iaido. Renshi Terashima likewise will help everyone in the spirit of Kendo with his commanding skills of this art.

It has been a long standing tradition in Dai Nippon Butoku Kai that the classical way of the sword illuminates the deep knowledge and understating of all Budo fields. By simply sharpening and cultivating the skills of sword, we can develop not only greater mind and body synthesis but also advance understanding of all other Budo skills and disciplines. It is very clear that all of you will make major efforts to reach the optimal state of Shin-Ki-Tai-Ken-Zen-Icchi, (心気体剣禅一致) which means, totally unifying mind, body, spirit, sword, and meditation.

I hope all of you will enjoy this special opportunity created by generous support of Kyoshi Payne and Tenshin Kan dojo.

Best wishes,

Tesshin Hamada
Kyoto, Japan

The Festival objectives were:

1. To be able to celebrate and share the Budo spirit of Tenshin Kan Dojo UK.
2. To be able to appreciate the expertise of Kyoshi Long.
3. To able to enjoy the opportunity to train with Renshi Terashima.
4. To be able to sharpen and cultivate the skills of sword, in order to develop not only greater mind and body synthesis, but also to advance the understanding of other Budo skills and disciplines.
5. To be able to make a major effort to reach the optimal state of Shin-Ki-Tai-Ken-Zen-Icchi, (心気体剣禅一致) which means, totally unifying mind, body, spirit, sword and meditation, and by training in both disciplines today, whenever and wherever possible.
6. To be able to enable all participants to review existing skills of sword art and attitudes toward Budo, regardless of Title and Rank (spirit of mu 無).

• 0915       Iaido         Long Kyoshi     

The key objectives of the Iaido sessions at the event were as follows;
1. To strengthen and enlighten each of us.
2. To share priceless time together. Time is all we have, a price tag cannot be assigned to any minute invested with one another. Time is finite, yet our keiko should be infinite. The results of our training together during this event should outlive us, through the compassion we gain and the understanding we develop.
3. To convey the heart of Budo, as gifted by Miura and Shimabukuro Hanshi. Even if only a small part of their Budo can be transmitted during this Festival, it is certain that all participants will be uplifted and encouraged to overcome all obstacles in their own training.
4. To leave us all with a sense of real Japanese Budo and to open our eyes and minds to the richness and depth of Iaido and Kendo.
5. To embolden us to seek further instruction and whet our appetites for greater understanding and knowledge.
6. To leave us all with a sense of belonging to a vast community of seekers, with common goals, perhaps being touched by the hearts of our Teachers and Founders.

This Session covered Iaido Kihon as it applies to Japanese sword work, also Batto Waza as well as the principles and techniques of cutting, blocking and body movement, as they apply to proper application.

• 1115       Break with live Taiko ('Ogi Matsuri', a short piece composed by Yoshikazu Fujimoto of 'Kodo')

• 1130       Kendo     Terashima Renshi           

The key objectives of the Kendo sessions at the event were as follows;

1. To mold the mind and body.
2. To cultivate a vigorous spirit.
3. To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo.
4. To love ones country and society.
5. To promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.
6. To hold in high esteem, human courtesy and honor.

This Session started with a typical MSMAS Kendo warm up, before Tachigiri and Kata. Participants were then divided into two groups (A & B), Group A (in bogu) pursuing training and Group B (no bogu) on Kihon Waza with David Eddy Sensei who was asked to assist Terashima Renshi at this Session.

• 1330       Lunch                                                                   

• 1400       Iaido        Long Kyoshi                       

This Session covered further methods of sword tactics and strategy, exploring Chuden and Okuden Heiho as well the Kenjutsu and Kumitachi drills that correspond to them.

• 1500       Break with live Taiko ('Kenka Daiko' with the permission of the Mugen Taiko Dojo)

• 1515       Kendo     Terashima Renshi          

This session concentrated on practical Kendo with several exhibition matches being held for Group A (in bogu) in friendly keiko (appx 30mins) with Group B (no bogu) on Kihon Waza with Fujii Kyoshi who was asked to assist Terashima Renshi at this Session.

• 1615       Payne Kyoshi thanked both Long Kyoshi and Terashima Renshi for their invaluable instruction plus Eddy Sensei and Fujii Kyoshi for the assistance 'on the day'.

Afterwards Participants socialised.


MSMAS received the following note from Hanshi Hamada on the Festival after the event :

Thank you for the final report on your event. From all accounts presented, the event seemed a great success. Everyone enjoyed the occasion and got positive feedback. That was most important for the organizer to know. From the photos, it showed the faces of participants with solid satisfaction.

Congratulations to you and your dojo volunteers for making this opportunity available to the people who were interested in the Iaido and Kendo.
We trust the latent effect of this type of activity will be followed in each individual's commitment in their devoted Keiko as a result of participation.

I am sure people were very appreciative of your offering this invaluable opportunity and Kyoshi Long and Renshi Terashima's outstanding effort.
Best wishes,
Tesshin Hamada 



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