Sunday, 11th October 2009

MSMAS attend DNBKID Rensei Taikai in Athens, Greece....

Once again, Kyoshi Payne and other Members of Tenshin Kan UK Dojo, our DNBK Dojo within MSMAS, were on thier travels again, this time to Athens for the DNBKID Rensei Taikai.


* October 8th      Tenshin Kan Team depart London Heathrow for Athens.
On arrival to the Ledra Marriott, the HQ Hotel for the event, in the centre of Athens.
That night, an initial meet with Hamada Hanshi, Chair of DNBKID.
* October 9th      To the METS Gym in Athens for two more DNBK ID Meetings plus an all day 'Training Seminar' for Participants....
* October 10th    Visit to the Acropolis, before the DNBK International Rensei Taikai took place, followed that evening by a formal Dinner Reception for all Participants at the Hotel.
Event Awards:
Team          Shorei Sho       Tenshin Kan Dojo
Individual    Yushu Sho       Kyoshi Payne
Individual    Shorei Sho       Renshi Terashima
Individual    Dorokyu Sho   Renshi Bibby
Individual    Dorokyu Sho   Catherine Payne
Individual    Dorokyu Sho   Irene Franco

New Titles & Ranks to be formally approved by Honbu

Roger Payne             Judo Kyoshi & Iaido Kyoshi
Shuichi Terashima     Kendo Renshi & Shihan-Dai 

Shuichi Terashima        5th Dan Kendo
Patrick McBride          2nd Dan Iaido & 2nd Dan Aikido
James Bibby                1st Dan Kendo
Catherine Payne          1st Dan Kendo

* October 11th  Departure for home.....

To:  Roger Payne ~ DNBK Representative/UK

Subject: Rensei Tai-Kai/Athens-2009

Dear Roger,

Few days after the Rensei Tai-Kai of Athens I would like to express once more my frankly thanks to you for participating.

As Hamada Sensei said, the success of that event was connected not only to our efforts as Greek DNBK officials but most of all to the participation of the DNBK/ID members from all over the world.
Your presentation in Athens gave us energy and strength to accomplish our task and I ought to thank you for that.

Personally, I’m happy that I had the opportunity to meet you and from now on I would think about you as one of my close friends in the Organization and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in my base Alexandroupolis city or even in your base for any BUDO Gala.

Sincerely yours

Karipidis Konstantinos
Lieutenant-Colonel (re)
Member of Administrative Council/Greek-Japanese Association
DNBK Greece coordinator/Aikijujutsu

Letter from Hanshi Hamada post event... 

Dear Kyoshi Payne,

On behalf of Sosai, Higashifushimi, Jigo, his royal highness, we wish to express our deep appreciation to your dedicated participation in the Greece International Rensei Taikai held in Athens Oct. 9-10, 2009.

With your energetic support and commitment to the missions of this noble event, we were able to share together great fellowship of learning and exchanging strong Budo spirit. It took tremendous involvement, cooperation, and coordination of many facets of organization to ensure the success of everyone. Many people helped tirelessly and rose to the occasion. Without a doubt, it was another unforgettable event where we felt strong pride and honor jointly as member of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. Please convey our sincere thanks to everyone of your dojo who attended in this notableTaikai.

As mentioned at the meeting, long journey of DNBK International Division will be only strengthened by your continued dedication and loyal commitment to the nobility of Butoku. I personally cannot thank you enough as you have made special effort and sacrifice for this purpose.

Lastly, we wish to congratulate on all of your attained honors in the year 2009. We feel you represent elan of special caliber leadership in the international community. Until we meet again in the very near future, we pray for your good health as always.

Best wishes,

Tesshin Hamada

Chair, DNBK ID

Responsible Travel ~ To offset the carbon footprint of MSMAS travel, Kyoshi Payne has personally secured an acre of Brazilian Rainforest at Latitude 5.648 / Longitude 61.490, thus locking in 260 tonnes of global warming CO2, the equivilant to the annual carbon footprint of ten British families.


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