Tuesday, 1st September 2009

MSMAS host 'FREE' Yudansha (Black Belt Only) Aikido Seminar with Hiroaki Izumi Sensei...

MSMAS Aikido again hosted Dr Hiroaki Izumi Sensei at our own Honbu Dojo to lead this, the 2nd of two separate Sessions.


This Session was held 'open' to YuDansha Only (Black Belt Only), with attendees from across the Uk and Europe....

The Programme for the day :

• 1000/1015           Dojo Opening & ‘Warm Up’
• 1015/1215           Session # 1
• 1215/1300           Lunch
• 1300/1500           Session # 2
• 1500/1515           Break
• 1515/1715           Session # 3
• 1715/1730           Dojo Closing & ‘Warm Down’

The Seminar looked deeper into yet more applications of the '90 Degree Principle' as shown by Izumi Sensei and gave some further explanation of the more esoteric points, plus a chance to practice the applications ranging from Kihon Waza to Jiyu Waza, Tanto Dori & Tachi Dori.

The day also included 2 performances by ‘Kaikyo’, a Taiko Group, who gave 2 performances:

• 15:00-15:30
• 17:15-17:30

Now, a comment from Izumi Sensei himself:


"The entire weekend was fabulous and your Students were great to work with. I hope they all got something out of the day. The YuDansha seminar was a great idea and I really enjoyed practicing and meeting with all the people from the various groups. They all showed very good Aikido, but more importantly, they showed a willingness to learn, a willingness and desire to practice with people from other groups without reservation, and most importantly, an enjoyment of Aikido. Everyone had good Ukemi and, most importantly, it was nice to see people from different groups willing and even desiring to be Ukes for each other during the demonstrations. That shows a fabulous level of trust was developed during the practice both as Uke and Nage. This is probably the most important aspect of the Seminar. It is difficult to place your trust in either an Uke or Nage from a different style who could do something to hurt someone because they do something strange. Yet, at this seminar, everyone trusted each other and protected each other. What more can I say?"


Now a selection of precised comments received from participants at the Seminar ....


"Thanks very much for a special day. I got a lot out of today from yourself and Izumi Sensei. I look forward to watching the DVD's. The Taiko drummers were brilliant.  I will need to get a cd of theirs to listen to before classes!"


"Thank you for the course yesterday. It was very enjoyable and also memorable. I probably attend about a dozen every year and many blur into obscurity but I shall certainly remember yesterday. It was also interesting that although all the participants were from different associations and backgrounds, there wasn't anyone that I didn't enjoy practising with. I hope I meet up with them again. Thank you for a very enjoyable day."


"Well what can I say, but a big thank you for your hospitality, I had a great day and learnt a lot. I also met some great people, who I will keep in contact with. A big thank you to Izumi Sensei for his patience and teaching, his relax manner made the day even more conducive for learning. Lastly thank you for organising the drummers, superb!!!"


"Thanks for the warm welcome and interesting course. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with focussed practice which is a style that we try to promote... I am sorry that more of the instructors from my club were unable to make it. I think they missed something which could inspire their teaching and their practice... Their loss - my gain! Special thanks to Izumi Sensei. I found his teaching style straightforward and honest. He has obviously had to find himself a niche in the various new orders of aikido in the world and his global approach makes one feel that Aikido has a very important role to play in the future. Thanks too for the Taiko drummers. I saw that particular group about 3 years ago in Kent. They were very impressive then and seem to have developed a very happy refined style now. I look forward to seeing you again soon."


"Once again thank you for an enjoyable and instructive day with Izumi Sensei. The concept of the day was not a new format, but one that I totally enjoyed. What made it particularly interesting for me was your willingness to share in an open and non judgemental fashion your way of training. Another  reason that the day worked so well had to do with the maturity of the individuals. Not in terms of age, but in mind set. This was borne out and I complement you for this,on the schooling and maturity of your two young students. They both conducted themselves admirably on and off the mat. As you said, you can tell a teacher by the way his students conduct themselves. If Izumi Sensei is still with you, please extend my thanks again. I will certainly be attentive to the 90 degree and beyond principle."


"Many thanks again for the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and especially practicing with aikidoka from other countries and styles. It was a great meeting you, your students and Izumi Sensei."



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