Tuesday, 18th August 2009

Kyoshi Payne & MSMAS Aikidoka at Seminar in JAMAICA......

Kyoshi Payne helped to conduct an important Aikido Seminar together with Hiroaki Izumi Sensei at the Grand Opening of the 'West Indies Aikido Federation' new Aikido Dojo in Spanish Town, Jamaica.


The Event began on the Thursday, with extensive coverage at the Studios of TV Jamaica.

Later, the first 'warm up' Session was held at the 'Kingston Dojo' location with Izumi Sensei as lead Teacher and Kyoshi Payne assisting.

Friday saw the start of the Seminar proper at the new 'Spanish Town Dojo', with an 0800hrs start at which the Barbados delegation took the warm up, with Kyoshi Payne taking the opening Session.

After lunch Izumi Sensei took the afternoon Session.

Saturday saw a repeat of Friday's timetable, with Kyoshi Payne in the morning and Izumi Sensei in the afternoon.

On Sunday, after much preparation of the Dojo itself, the Seminar received :

Hiroshi Yamaguchi    Incoming Ambassador of Japan, in company with his wife Yoko Yamaguchi.

Madoka Shimote    Advisor to the 'Embassy of Japan' in Jamaica.

Garry Turnbull Sensei    Chairman of the 'International Shotokan Karate Association Jamaica'.

The Official Opening of the Dojo then took place following as address by George Smith of WIAF, responded to by Mr Yamaguchi.

Izumi Sensei and Kyoshi Payne the spoke briefly.

'Harai no Gi' was then performed by Pat McBride of MSMAS.

Then followed the recognition of Mr Raymond deBuff for his many years of committmemt to the Martial Arts of Japan by Kyoshi Payne.

Hanshi Hamada, Chair of DNBKID words were used to remind us all that in our Budo world, there are two major categories of distinctions.

They are tied in Bunbu principles.

Bun means letters, civil affairs, scholarly field, artistic endeavors, educational entities and over-all qualities of individual.

Bu means all inclusive and exclusive martial aspects.

We strive both as two wings of bird.

However, it is also customary acknowledgement that we recognize a person of exceptional quality in DNBK with or without Budo aspect.

Although it is rare, we have done so to award such recognition.
As such, Mr. deBuff is now to be a Certified as ShoDan Aikido Rank in DNBKID, which Hanshi Hamada himself will endorse, based on the recommendation of Kyoshi Payne, as Mr deBuff will then be under Kyoshi Payne's care and guidance, enabling Mr deBuff to be recognized as good Budo practitioner in his lifetime work in helping the people of Jamaica.

True Aikido is like air, one cannot grab, grasp and hold.

It is nothing to do with physical strength, but centering with Ki in freedom.

As Mr deBuff has been practicing with such pure and free mind with his fellow students, there can be seen  great hope for humanity, filled with love and understanding.

Kyoshi Payne then congratulated both Mr. Izumi and Debuff.

Then followed two 2 separate demonstrations.

The first by Izumi Sensei, plus a representative of the Delegation from Barbados.

The second by Kyoshi Payne and the members of MSMAS.

Then followed Osame no Gi performed by Renshi Bibby of MSMAS.

Monday saw more reviews by Izumi Sensei back at the 'Kingston Dojo'.

After the event time was taken to enjoy Jamaica, before return to the UK.

For more details on the 'West Indies Aikido Federation', please contact MSMAS via thisWeb Site.

Just one Email of the many received after the event, complete with 'Haiku':

                    Summer, healed by Payne,

                    Spirit of Budo calling,

                    Always, live this day.

"It's been one week and one day since I've last seen you and one week since you've left Jamaica. Feels like a longer time than that to me, though. Anyway, I hope you had a good time while you were here. It was great to meet you and James and Patrick. In dialect, patois, if anyone were to ask, I would say," Dem man a' di' Living Samurai!" meaning: Those men are the Living Samurai. But it relates so much more than when said in standard English.

I really love your classes and approach to teaching. Mainly, I enjoy the historical aspects and how you relate them to present times, and illustrate their evolution.  There' so much to learn. So much to ..." ex-pih-ree-aunce, ex-pih-ree-aunce, ex-pih-ree-aunce..."




• Mr. Owen Palmer, Councillor- Representative for Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Mayor of St. Catherine
• Mr. George Smith- West Indies Aikido Federation in Jamaica
• Dr. Hiroaki Izumi – Grand Master
• Mr. Roger Payne – Head of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in the United Kingdom
• Ladies and Gentlemen,


First of all, above everything else, I want to congratulate Jamaica on what awesome and miraculous performances have been achieved by the Jamaican team in Berlin after outstanding results the world witness in Asia last year.

I would also like to  emphasize to you that I arrived in Jamaica only last week, and I am not speaking to you as Ambassador yet at this early stage, but am delivering this first-come message to you as an incoming Ambassador or newly-arriving next Ambassador of Japan. 

It is my great honour however, to visit this former capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town, and St.Catherine for the first time and I want to congratulate you all on this historic occasion of this opening of the Spanish Town Dojo of the West Indies Aikido Federation.

I am also privileged to witness the presence here of Dr. Hiroaki Izumi Sensei (6th Dan), Chief Instructor of the West Indies Aikido Federation and the Gulf University of Science and Technology Dojo of Kuwait and Mr. Roger Payne (6th Dan), the Official Representative of United Kingdom Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. I wish to convey my highest appreciation to such renowned personalities in the field of Aikido for visiting Jamaica on this auspicious occasion. 

 Even though I am a layman in Aikido, at least I am aware that Aikido is the purest single form of martial arts of Japan, its roots dating back around 800 years ago. Many people in Japan, including myself, take pride from Aikido through which ‘Small can win big’, or in Jamaican saying, ‘We little but we tallawah (ウィ・リックル・ボット・ウィ・タラワ)’ which also suggests that a small island nation can overcome the entire earth.

In closing, I would like to thank the turnout of people here including the Aikido Dojo members from other Caribbean countries who have come all the way to attend this event, including Aikido Dojo members who are participating from other Caribbean countries, and hope that this great opening event of this new Aikido Dojo, will contribute to fostering friendly future relations between Jamaica and Japan in addition to furthering indirect foundation-building of continued super-performance of a small-sized country of wonder in the world  like Jamaica in the field of sports.

Thank you.

Remarks by His Excellency Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Newly-Appointed Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica at the Grand Opening of the Aikido Federation of the West Indies Dojo in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica (2009-08-23).


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