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MSMAS Dojo ~ Continues to offer 'FREE' Judo to Junior/Youth aged 8/18 years ...

'FREE' Junior/Youth Judo ~ Available to young people across Sussex at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (BJA No: 2075)


* MSMAS Junior/Youth FREE Judo recognised by BJA @

* MSMAS Junior Judo Player Ranked #1 @

* MSMAS Judo medal again at BJA Annual Sussex County Judo Trials @

* MSMAS Junior/Youth Judo meet Prince Edward @

* MSMAS Junior/Youth Judo succeed at 'World Youth Butoku Sai' in Canada @

* MSMAS Junior Judo Player Martyn Woodhead takes Gold at British Championships for 5th year running @


To mark the first 20 years of teaching Judo in Mid Sussex, 'FREE' Judo for Juniors & Youth (8-18yrs) was introduced in 2008, then an Olympic year.

As MSMAS now enters its 3rd decade of training these FREE Sessions continue, fully funded by the 'Tenshin Kan Youth Foundation'.

Some might think and even say, "It's ‘Free’, so it cannot be any good"...

BUT that's not what Nicola Fairbrother MBE, ex~Judo World Champion & Olympian, thinks...


“This is a great idea and one that I support wholly. I know how much it cost me (well, I should say how much it cost my parents, really) to keep me going in Judo when I was younger. Congratulations to Roger and the team for coming up with and sustaining this idea. Everyone in Sussex, you don't know how lucky you are! Go for it. Go and try Judo for free today!"

See Nicola in action @


The fact is, MSMAS has been training Judo players for well over 20 years, the results speak for themselves....

MSMAS is currently home to:

Past and present, Great Britain Judo Squad Players, Great Britain Masters Judo Champions, Full 'Great Britain' Junior Judo Squad Members, Full 'England' Judo Squad Members, National 'BJA' Junior Judo Champions, National 'BSJA' Junior Judo Champions & even a World’s Judo Medallist...

At the 'BJA Sussex County Trials', MSMAS Judo has obtained:

In 2011:

•  4 County Champions
• 15 County Squad Places 

In 2010:

•  8 County Champions
• 14 County Squad Places 

In 2009:

•  4 County Champions
• 12 County Squad Places

In 2008, the 1st year of the 'FREE' Judo programme ..............

• MSMAS Judo Players enjoyed an enviable 100% Medal success run.
• MSMAS Judo Players won Medals at every single event entered throughout the year.
• MSMAS Dojo confirmed as top 'Sporting Team' of at the 'Bright FM' Annual Awards.
• MSMAS Dojo confirmed as one of the top 3 Teams in Sussex by 'Sussex Sports Partnership'.


# Yet, despite all the above, we still receive many questions, such as those below:


Q    Why are we doing this ?
A    The simple answer is; because we can. 

MSMAS is a ‘British Judo Association’ & ‘Sport England’ Club Mark centre for Judo excellence.

MSMAS is an approved ‘Leisure Provider’ to the West Sussex County Council Children & Young People’s Services.

MSMAS is an approved 'Have Fun' Activity Centre for West Sussex County Council.

MSMAS efforts are backed by the Mid Sussex District Council & Sussex County Sports Partnership Trust, plus supported by Haywards Heath Town Council Mayor and  'Bright FM', our local radio station.

MSMAS also works in conjunction with the ‘Olympos Holiday Academy’ and are a fully registered ‘Change4Life’ Partner.

MSMAS has always been involved with healthy life styles, especially for the young, achieved through traditional Martial Arts training. In the UK today, children face an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease in later life, because of the way some of them live now. 'Change4Life’ is a movement with a simple but crucial goal: to help every family in England 'eat well, move more and live longer'. That is why MSMAS registered as a ‘Change4Life’ partner, an initiative launched by the UK Government.


Q    Do I have to be an existing Judo Player to apply ?
A    NO

MSMAS hold an ‘Equity in Training’ Policy, as such we invite applications from complete Beginners through to existing/past Players: no one is excluded from applying… 


Q    I am an existing Judo Player, can I apply too ?
A    YES

We invite applications from everyone to train for FREE, no one is excluded from applying...


Q    What is 'the catch' ?
A    There is absolutely ‘no catch’.

FREE Judo is now being offered to Young People in Mid Sussex to train in Judo by the 'Tenshin Kan Youth Foundation' at MSMAS


Q    How do I apply ?
A    Request an Application Form by Email or call 01444 318422 anytime !

MSMAS Judo is registered # 2075 with the British Judo Association.


# Just some of the many comments received thus far:


 “ XXX is really enjoying Judo and the Scholarship for us meant the difference between her doing Judo now or at a later date when more affordable.”

" I really cannot believe that something this good is totally free !"

" Many thanks for teaching XXX so far - he has really enjoyed Judo and it has been good for his confidence."

"What struck me about all the children was the determination to succeed. Every single one of them did MSMAS proud as they all did their best, which is all you can really ask, certainly looks good for the future."

"Taking into consideration the lack of confidence she had because bullies had been given her such a hard time, she has come a long way and it's all thanks to Judo, yourself and your colleagues for giving her your time and knowledge so THANK YOU.”

"XXXX will not under any circumstances be training at any other Dojo. I am very happy with the way in which you teach the kids and Judo has given XXXX a great deal, thanks to MSMAS"

"Thank you for your constant drive to make it all possible. Not just a Dojo in Sussex, more like a man with great ideas and the energy to realise them."


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Tuesday, 9th April 2013

MSMAS Dojo ~ Continues to offer 'FREE' Judo to Junior/Youth aged 8/18 years ...

'FREE' Junior/Youth Judo ~ Available to young people across Sussex at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (BJA No: 2075)

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