Saturday, 10th January 2009

MSMAS Judo Sempai, Shelley Jackson, medals at British Under 20 Trials to take GB Judo Squad place at 1st attempt !

The U20 Trials took place at the EIS in Sheffield and brought together aspiring U20 Judo Players from across the UK, all trying to gain a medal place and go forward to create the 2009 British Junior Squad.


Medals were presented after all final pool fights were completed plus British Junior Squad members all received an Induction Pack at the medal ceremony.

Not bad, from complete Novice in 2002 to British Judo Squad Member at the very start of 2009 !

Throughout 2008 Shelley Jackson had an amazing Medal run, mostly as a Junior Player, but entered 2009 as a Adult Player, a Senior 1st Kyu and after 28th October 2008 Judo Sempai at MSMAS.

Shelley has always had a keen interest in Martial Arts, when after many years, she finally wore her Parents down to let her try out.

Her MSMAS Judo career began in January 2002, on a very wet and cold night at the MSMAS Honbu Dojo, but with lots of other Juniors to copy, Seniors to keep an eye on her and where she gained her BJA Licence so that she could grade.
Slowly she started with some local Competitions, encouraged all the way, the more confident she became, the better she became. She then worked her way up the belt colours, sometimes very quickly, other times slowly. All the time, encouraged and supported from MSMAS. During her time at MSMAS she has been totally supported, travelling and attending competitions, meeting up with other Judo players, Coaches, Refs. etc from other clubs...

In 2008 she attended and medalled at many Competitions, like the ‘Heart of England’ in Birmingham and ‘National Age Banded’ in Sheffield, and throughout 2008 achieved a 99% medal success rate.

After Shelley's appointment as a MSMAS Judo Sempai in 2008 and a 1st Kyu Senior, she said:

"I am very proud of my new Title and hope to serve it well."

This first win of 2009, especially at such a high ranking tournament, underlines her determination to succeed and to serve the MSMAS Dojo well !



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