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Grading success for Students at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School

Grading success for Students at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School across the three main disciplines offered at the School.


Grading success for Students at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School across the three main disciplines offered at the School.

'Competitive' Judo Gradings (British Judo Association ~ County Level)
Junior Judo
Shelley Jackson         18 Mon Brown
Kieren Raftery           16 Mon Brown
Alex Jeffs                   15 Mon Blue
William Price             14 Mon Blue
Gus O'Grady             13 Mon Blue
Luke Fairhead           11 Mon Green
Luke Farley               11 Mon Green
James Pearson           11 Mon Green
Martyn Woodhead     10 Mon Green
Onna O'Grady             9 Mon Orange
Adam Roberts             8 Mon Orange
Jonny Shanahan           8 Mon Orange
Lauren Stokeld            8 Mon Orange
Otto Friedmann           7 Mon Orange

BJA Dojo Gradings
Emily Baker                 6 Mon Yellow
Aiden Henderson         6 Mon Yellow
William Martin             6 Mon Yellow
Chester Page               6 Mon Yellow
Loenja Selter               6 Mon Yellow
Rhys Wakeford            6 Mon Yellow
Angela White               3 Mon Red
Osar Baker                  1 Mon Red
Holly Henderson          1 Mon Red
Ben Markrowski          1 Mon Red
Gergina TaylorSmith     1 Mon Red
Cydney TaylorSmith     1 Mon Red

'Competitive' Judo Gradings (British Judo Association ~ County & National Level)

Senior Judo
Adam Barker             1 Kyu Brown Sempai
Alex Tame                 1 Kyu Brown Sempai
Steve May                 1 Kyu Brown Sempai
Mike Evans                2 Kyu Brown Sempai
Tim Radmall               3 Kyu Blue
Irene Franco               4 Kyu Blue
Kevin Uridge              4 Kyu Blue
Peter White                 4 Kyu Blue
Darren Hall                  5 Kyu Green
Peter Hyde                  5 Kyu Green
Alex Khlemanov          7 Kyu Orange
Shaun Maher               7 Kyu Orange
David Green                8 Kyu Orange
Greg Potter                 8 Kyu Orange
Pat McBride                9 Kyu Yellow

Iaido (the Way of the Sword)
Ian Chapman             2 Kyu Sempai
Andrei Kaportsev      2 Kyu Sempai
Pat McBride              2 Kyu Kohai
Bibi Bohorquez          3 Kyu
Adam Wren               3 Kyu
David Green               4 Kyu
Alex Khlemanov         4 Kyu
Sarah Price                 4 Kyu
Guy Wakeford            4 Kyu
Wendy Wren              4 Kyu
Peter Hyde                  5 Kyu
Daniel Wren                5 Kyu
Darren Hall                  5 Kyu
Izumi Maeda                5 Kyu
Donna Wakeford         6 Kyu
Chris Richards             7 Kyu

Aikido (Traditional Japanese self-defence)
Alan Cowan                    1 Kyu Brown Sempai
Catherine Payne               1 Kyu Brown Sempai
Hamish Wilson                 1 Kyu Brown Sempai
David Francis                   2 Kyu Brown Sempai
Ruth Stevens                    2 Kyu Brown Sempai
Jeannette Kwasniewski    3Kyu Blue
Pat McBride                    3 Kyu Blue
David Green                    4 Kyu Blue
Tom Allen                       5 Kyu Green
Bibi Bohorquez               5 Kyu Green
Martin Patch                   5 Kyu Green
Steve Allen                     6 Kyu Green
Peter Hyde                     6 Kyu Green
Greg Potter                    6 Kyu Green
David Richardson           6 Kyu Green
Alex Khlemanov             7 Kyu Orange
Matt Skinner                  8 Kyu Orange
Hristo Kostadinov          9 Kyu Yellow
Shaun Maher                  9 Kyu Yellow
Guy Wakeford               9 Kyu Yellow
Chris Bradford             10 Kyu Red
Edward Gulbekian       10 Kyu Red
John O'Connor            10 Kyu Red
Roberto Pless              10 Kyu Red
Andy Patterson            11 Kyu White
Alex Rameau               11 Kyu White
Chris Richards             11 Kyu White
Shuichi Terashima        11 Kyu White

“ To see so many Students achieving real results in all three Disciplines, shows that the purpose of the Dojo is still taking place. We have also recently enjoyed much competitive Judo success, including another 2 new Judo Black belts achieved, plus Judo Medal success and a place on the ‘Great Britain’ Masters Judo Squad for one of our Judo Instructors, but it is the new Members listed above who will form the nucleus of the School in the years ahead. Therefore, I am once again reassured that with their continued dedication, the future at the School remains as bright as ever !! “


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