Tuesday, 11th November 2008

MSMAS Judo welcomes BJA Southern Area Examiner to 3rd Quarter Judo Grading..

Peter Powell, also Vice Chair of BJA Hampshire County, held a packed Senior Judo Mat to carry out a number of Gradings and Grade transfers..


All MSMAS Members enjoyed a superb evening which began with a series of exercises based around the new BJA Syllabus, launched in April.

The Session then expanded into Gradings for each level.

A number of the Senior MSMAS Kyu Grades present were Grade transferred into the new Grading format by Peter, a Level 3 BJA Coach, whilst others were Graded for the first time.

All in all, another good night was had by all !!

New Senior (Adult) Judo Grades:

7 x 1st Kyu & Sempai (Brown Belt)

Adam Barker
Peter Hyde
Shelley Jackson
Linden Kirk
Steve May
Allan Smith
Alex Tame

7 x 2nd Kyu (Blue Belt)

Mike Evans
Adrian Jackson
Jeanette Kwasniewski
Will Price
Tim Radmall
Kevin Uridge
Peter White

2 x 3rd Kyu (Green Belt)

Greg Potter
Ash Sartipi 

3 x 4th Kyu (Orange Belt)

Irene Franco 
Hristo Kostadinov 
Thomas Thain 

4 x 6th Kyu (Red Belt)

Chris Clapham 
Dave Green 
Pat McBride 
Ben Weeks 

5 x Novices (White Belt)

Mike Alderton
David Frankham
Adil Gilani
Freya Tolhurst
Tony Westgarth

17 x MSMAS Judo Yudansha (Black)

James Bibby
Sue Buckley
Nik Dawson
Lee Fahey
Jonathon Griffiths
Mark Griffiths
Llyr Jones
Martin Kennett
Cris Leahy
Richard Loueiro
Catherine Payne
Bethan Rees
Chris Sharp
Ian Simmonds
Emyr Sion
Tom Wood
Caimin Woodhead

The Junior Judo Mats provided another 40 or so Players and were Graded over the next 2 days....

Gus O'Grady
Kieran Raftery
Matt Tweddle
Onna O'Grady
Jake Tweddle
Martyn Woodhead
Emily Baker
Chester Page
Jonny Shanahan
Edward Uridge
Lonja Selter
Otto Friedmann
Aiden Henderson
Will Martin
Rhys Wakeford
Holly Henderson
George Taylor Smith
Sydney Taylor Smith
Jacques Hardy
Angela White
Oscar Baker
Daniel Beaven
Jenny Fincham
Katie Howard
Dylan Howell
Erin Leahy
Niamh Leahy
Lidia Narockwa
Zoren Selter
Mike Weavers
Jamie Weavers
Harriet Westgarth
Edward Marsh
Kristina Marsh
Jack Murphy
Cameron Strachan
Gabriel Strachan

So, look out for MSMAS Judo in 2009 at all levels of Judo...

In 2008, MSMAS Judo enjoyed a 100% Medal success run, with MSMAS Players winning Medals at every event they entered throughout the year.

MSMAS enters 2009 as home to several GB Judo Squad Players, including two Great Britain Masters Judo Champions, plus both the National BJA & BSJA Junior Champion and even a World’s Judo Medalist !

Also MSMAS Junior Judo Player Martyn Woodhead gained an 'England Judo' place following his GOLD at the '2008 British Championships' (formerly National Age Banded) by winning all of his bouts, each within 1 minute, all with straight Ippons, in preparation for possible progression to the British Judo Association's 'World Class Start Programme', with the ultimate goal of competing at the 'Worlds' and possibly 'Olympic Games'.

In the past MSMAS Players have competed for Sussex County, Southern Area, Nationally & Internationally and one even has a Commonwealth Medal....

Finally, other local Judo Clubs have Members, even Instructors, who have all been past Members and competed for MSMAS......

2009 a fresh year and a new start, we can only wonder where it will take us !



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