Tuesday, 30th September 2008

MSMAS Dojo ends 'Gasshuku 2008' with a splash !!

'Gasshuku 2008' began on Thursday September 25 and finished on Thursday 30 with a 'Budo Day' including early morning training on the beach at Camber Sands !!


Each day Students arrived at the Dojo at 0830hrs to clean and prepare the Dojo for training then to start with Zazen.

‘Gasshuku 2008’ meant six complete days of gruelling training, open only to MSMAS & Tenshin Kan Dojo UK Members, but as usual, totally 'Free of Charge'...

With over 120 attendances over the 6 days, we were busy !!!

Our Full Programme is set out below ..
Day 1 ~ Aikido ~ Thursday September 25th ~ James Bibby Renshi

•         Session #1                           0900/1230hrs
•         Lunch Break                       1230/1330hrs
•         Session #2                           1330/1600hrs
•         Session #3                           2030/2230hrs (Aikido Grading at Evening Session.)

Day 2 ~ Judo ~ Friday September 26th ~ James Bibby Renshi

•         Session #1                           0900/1300hrs
•         Lunch Break                       1300/1500hrs
•         Session #2                          1500/1800hrs (Rock Climbing off site)
•         ‘Gasshuku 2008’ Meal        1900hrs onwards

Day 3 ~ Jujitsu ~ Saturday September 27th ~ Alexander Arabadjiev Kyoshi, Alexander Nevolin Renshi & Alexey Grzhibovskiy

•         Session #1                           0900/1230hrs
•         Lunch Break                       1230/1330hrs
•         Session #2                           1330/1600hrs
Day 4 ~ Presentation Day ~ Sunday September 28th ~ Roger Payne Kyoshi

•         Session #1                           0900/1200hrs     ‘Fun’ Session for ALL MSMAS Members.
•         Formal Lunch                      1300/1500hrs
•         Afternoon Programme          1500/1515hrs     'Kimono’ by Tanaka Sensei.
•                                                     1515/1600hrs     Presentation Ceremony with Lord Mayor.
•                                                     1600/1700hrs     Light Entertainment.
•                                                     1700/1800hrs     Bar Opens.
•                                                     1800hrs                 Close.

Day 5 ~ Iaido ~ Monday September 29th ~ James Bibby Renshi & Shuichi Terashima Sensei

•         Session #1                           0900/1230hrs
•         Lunch Break                       1230/1330hrs
•         Session #2                           1330/1600hrs
•         Session #3                           1900/2130hrs
Day 6 ~ Budo (All Arts) ~ Tuesday September 30th ~ James Bibby Renshi

•         Session #1                           0800/1230hrs (Morning beach training off site at Camber Sands)
           Lunch Break                       1230/1330hrs
•         Session #2                           1330/1600hrs
•         Session #3                           1900/2030hrs (Judo at Evening Session)
•         Session #4                           2030/2200hrs (Iaido at Evening Session)

Just some of the comments coming in:

"Thank you for the opportunity of taking part in this year’s Gasshuku. I enjoyed every aspect very much and I am almost sad that it is now finished. I feel very fortunate to have chosen MSMAS opposed to the many regular Aikido clubs out there. There is no way I would have experienced what I have anywhere else. I can't believe it has been a little over six months since my first session." David F.

“Thank-you for allowing me to attend the ‘Gasshuku 2008’, I greatly enjoyed it. I would also like to thank all who made it possible, especially Kevin and James. I have learnt several points from the experience but I am really still mentally digesting it. “ Peter H.

“Although I was unable to attend the full six days, the four days that I did attend were most enjoyable. Always a pleasure to see the Russians in action, but having the opportunity to experience training with them and be taught by them was rare pleasure. Sunday was as advertised FUN, a good opportunity for people to see all that is on offer. followed by Lunch and Presentations. Monday! A lovely day and the chance once again to make Iai in your beautiful garden. A special moment for me was when in order to sharpen my focus Catherine Sensei suggested that I take a few moments to close my eyes, feel the sun and the breeze on my face, take in the sounds and smells and imagine myself again back in the gardens of Nijo Castle in Kyoto. Then the final say for some ‘Spirit’ training! Driving down on a grey wet day we questioned our sanity, changing into our Gi in the cold wind in the car park we questioned it again. Five minutes in, how cool is this! Running on the beach, bokken on the sands, Aikido & Judo in the surf, all very cool. Spirit training waist deep in the surf with the waves crashing over our heads ~ the only word ~ Awesome !”  Guy W.

"The spirit of the group and the energy we all picked up from the sea and the sky was incredible. It made me feel twenty years younger and more intensely alive than I have for a long time, a fantastic experience." Adam B.

"Overall it was a challenging and (usually) an enjoyable experience.  I was pushed beyond certain limits, and that felt good.  I am grateful to you for providing the opportunity. The Aikido was meticulously prepared by Kevin Sensei, with each technique flowing seamlessly into the next.  We worked hard all day, and by the end of the evening session I felt pretty shattered. The highlight of the Sunday for me was Tanaka Sensei's colourful presentation ~ a great asset to the Dojo! After a particularly vigorous warm-up on Monday morning, led by the irrepressible Sensei Linden, it was on to Iaido and some magical moments in your garden in the brilliant autumn sunshine.  In the afternoon ~ Kendo. Having come to Martial Arts in my forties, and having done relatively little in the way of sport and exercise most of my life, I do find much of this stuff challenging to say the least.  In fact, I was quite moved when Terashima Sensei commented: 'very good, you have a very strong spirit'.  That made my day!  I truly appreciated Terashima Sensei's style, his humour and warmth, and the fluidity and skill of his practise. The architect of Tuesday's 'madness' was of course James Sensei, and I am very thankful to him.  After the first few minutes of doubt, it was a fun fair ride of wind, sand, water, punching, running, cutting and pushing.  That day has left an indelible mark on me (and a fetching seawater stain on my Gi, which has still not disappeared despite an overnight 60 degree wash and a good dose of Daz). So, thanks again to you Roger Sensei, James Sensei, and all who gave their time to provide this invigorating and transformative experience." Edward G.

"I would like to thank you and your team for organising such a great 'Gasshuku'. On looking back on the days I attended my only regret is that I didn't attend every day. It was a great honour to be trained by the Russian Team in Jujitsu. When I got home I felt as though I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, but I had a big smile on my face." Kevin U.



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