Thursday, 7th August 2008

MSMAS Youth Members back from All Japan & International Youth Butoku Sai in Japan ...

MSMAS Members are now back from Japan after attending '17th All Japan Youth Butoku Sai' and '2nd International Youth Butoku Sai' held in the historic 'Butokuden' in Kyoto, Japan. ...


As initial comment made to us on our Group's return:

" your UK representatives were an awesome group in Japan ".

This event followed the earlier attendance of the MSMAS Senior Team in Kyoto at 'WBS 2008' in April.


These Youth MSMAS Members were invited and sponsored by DNBKI ID to Japan for more training and to carry out demonstrations at these events.

Both events allowed these Youth Members at MSMAS a better understanding of Japanese culture, history, language and civilization through tours and exchange programs.

Their hosts, Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division sponsored our Youth Members by covering their land expenses, including 'JYBS' and 'IYBS' registration fees, receptions, lodging, meals, transportation plus their entire tour programme.

* July 29 Tuesday: Departed London Heathrow

* July 30 Wednesday: Arrived Osaka International Airport to stay in Japanese style Inn.
                Practiced in Auxiliary Gym followed by Supper in Gotenso

* July 31 Thursday: General Orientation and Rehearsal Practice Day
                Orientation and Practice in Budo Center 

                Shorenin Temple: Lecture, Koto Concert, Tea Ceremony and audience with Sosai.

* August 1 Friday: Practice Day
                Team Practice in Butokuden
                Dinner at Inn 
                Practice in Budo Centre

* August 2 Saturday: 'International Exchange Day'
               Practice in Budo Center
               International Youth Summit for Peace and Understanding
               Joint Discussion, Recreation Games, Experience Japanese Culture in Ikebana, Shodo,    

                Tea Ceremony, and International Youth show dance/music of their own Culture.

                Supper at Heian no Mori Hotel.

* August 3 Sunday: 'All Japan Youth Butoku Sai' & 'International Youth Butoku Sai'
                Heian Shrine Dedication Ceremony
                Japan and DNBK ID elite participants
                Official Procession of International Youth Butoku Sai in Butokuden
                Call to Order, National Anthems, Prayers,
                Participant Pledge: DNBKID & Japan:
                Harai no Gi followed by Kendo Match
                Japan Honbu Enbu: Toyama Ryu Iaido group & Ken Ryu Kan Karatedo
                DNBKID Teams: Canada Shibu Karatedo & USA Bushin Kan Karatedo Team.
                Group Photo of all participants taken in Butokuden
                Shibukawa Ryu Jujutsu, Romania Jujutsu, Hungary Jujutsu, USA Jujutsu & MSMAS Judo.
                Judo Matches where MSMAS Team received Individual & Team Awards
                Osame no Gi:
                Awards and Recognitions Ceremony
                Finishing Ceremony at which comment was made on MSMAS Judo Kata.
                Buffet Banquette & International Reception Party

* August 4 Monday:
                Charter Guided Tour to Nara

                Dinner at Steak Barbecue Restaurant

* August 5 Tuesday: Departed to Osaka Kansai Airport for London Heathrow.

'From Scaynes Hill to Kyoto' as Mid Sussex Martial Arts 'Youth Judo' Students were back in Japan for Martial Arts Training...
Gus O’Grady (13) does not look like a budding ‘samurai warrior’, but that is exactly how Roger Payne, Head of The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School saw him and his fellow Student Otto Friedman.

While some may lay around during the Summer break or work at a Summer job, Gus & Otto plus others from Scaynes Hill were at one of Japan's most revered Martial Arts sites, the Butokuden - Hall of Martial Virtues - in Kyoto.

The Butokuden was established by Japan's Emperor Kanmu in the year 749 A. D. as a place where warriors could develop their military skills.

Located near a Shinto shrine in Kyoto, the Butokuden became the centre for all martial arts training in Japan. Over the centuries it was burned or destroyed several times, but each time it was rebuilt. These Youth Members trained where others have trained before them for over 1,000 years….

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai - Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society – is still governed today by a Member of the Royal Family of Japan, and is sponsoring these teens.

On their arrival in Japan, all of their expenses were covered by the Scholarships granted to them by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, which is paying for all training, meals and accommodation.

In addition to intense training in Japan, the group attended a ‘Youth Peace Summit’, toured Shinto Shrines, Castles, Zen Temples, and even had an audience with a Member of the Royal Family of Japan.

During their stay they were also involved in Peace ceremonies, flower arranging and a Tea Ceremony, also at a Shinto Shrine dedication ceremony, the Monks blessed them….

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai was formed in 1895 by the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Emperor to standardize martial arts disciplines.

More info will follow, now they are back home...




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